• Crônicas de Mentes

    Crônicas de Mentes é um podcast que mistura sessões de jogos de RPG e audio drama.

  • LXG collective

    Combined Operations - are a group of gamers who have come together to offer advice, tips, and tricks. Mainly for the awesome Bolt Action.

  • Swordnut Radio

    Tabletop RPG actual play and discussion. D&D5e, Inspectres, FATE, Dark Heresy, Call of Cthulhu and more

  • Savage Bloggers Network Podcast - Savage Worlds news, interviews, and discussions

    The Savage Worlds podcast that highlights news and items from the Savage Bloggers Network feed as well as other things of interest discovered around the web. Simply Savage covers keeping Savage Worlds "Fast! Furious! Fun!" Occasionally, the podcast includes audio versions of Google+ Hangouts on Air featuring guests who are invited to participate in discussions and interviews.

  • This Flippin Podcast

    This is a show all about how two guys fell in love with pinball somehow, now they talk about their triumphs and tribulations within the hobby!

  • On The Step Podcast

    Some Irish Wargamers gather together and discuss Wargames.

  • Ludologies, le podcast du jeu sous toutes ses formes

    Pour nous soutenir : https://fr.tipeee.com/studio-dilettante

  • MILKRUN, A Shadowrun Actual Play Podcast

    MILKRUN is a Shadowrun 5th Edition home-game actual play podcast.

  • Gaming and BS RPG Podcast

    Brett and Sean (BS) are two of your friends talking about tabletop roleplaying games. We don't take ourselves too seriously and don't always agree. That's our charm. Segments include Random Encounter to field comments from listeners, Main Topic, and Die Roll which is 2-4 links to gaming-related stuff. We aren't a dungeons and dragons show, but it's hard not to reference the 300 pound gorilla.

  • Strange Assembly - Tabletop Gaming Podcast

    Strange Assembly covers and reviews every sort of tabletop gaming - board games, card games, and RPGs.


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