• minus world

    Hosted by Toni, Matt Conn, and JJSignal! We talk video games, gaymer culture and 90's game shows! Awesome guest stars too! :D

  • Entertainment Sanctuary

    Five friends discuss visual media, board and card games, and the occasional really, really important thing.

  • Pirate Boota Radio

    The Freebootaz take to the interwebs to socialize and talk shop

  • Bros and Dragons Podcast

    Bros and Dragons is a podcast adventure using the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition rules, attempting to play an adventure, but also teach and inspire others to be creative and to live out their dreams. Our adventuring team consists of: Dungeon Master: Daniel "Doc" Gentry (@IamDMDoc) Players: Tom Bensen (@brosoldguy), Daniel Barras (@DanielBarras), Mike Scimeca (@MasonicMike1027), and Jon Cejka (@choowoo13) Be sure to follow us on Twitter, join our Fan Page and Group Page on Facebook, Subscribe to the Bros and Dragons Podcast YouTube channel, and subscribe to the Podcast to not miss out on any upcoming Live Events, Contests, or Content. To become a "Guest Player" on the show send us an e-mail at brosanddragons@gmail.com with your experience (though none is needed) and the reason you would like to make a guest appearance. If you have created any D&D 5e Homebrew such as background, equipment, weapons, armor, race, or even class, and would like us to use your items, send your descri

  • 게임 얘기를 할거다

    게임 얘기를 할겁니다.

  • Podcast - Scrubbing Up Podcast

    Jordan and Seth have you covered for everything Magic: the Gathering community related you could possibly wish for.

  • 게임이 끝나고

    마티아가 즐긴 게임들에 대해서 이야기 합니다. 리뷰 : http://aftergaming.tistory.com/

  • こたトーーク!

    この番組は、ボードゲーム制作サークル「こたつパーティー」のメンバーが ボードゲームのニュースやテーマについて喋るボードゲームトークです。 隔週更新、一回30分ほどですので、ぜひぜひお聞き下さい。 お便りは常に募集中、ご意見・ご感想はこちらまでどうぞ! @kotatu_pa, #こたトーク

  • Podcasts -

    A podcast exploring all facets of the Pauper format in the Magic: the Gathering card game.

  • Magic: The Bate

    O Magic: The Bate é a união de 4 youtubers de Magic que pretendem trocar uma ideia descontraída e muito informativa sobre os mais variados temas do jogo de cartas Magic: The Gathering.


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