• Canal Masculino

    Assuntos relacionados ao universo masculino como moda, tecnologia, saúde, relacionamentos e cultura pop

  • Fashion 411

    Fashion 411 is the world's FIRST fashion podcast! The show examines the fashion and beauty of Hollywood through industry insider perspective. Hosts provide beauty news and tips, cover Hollywood award shows and specials, weigh in on industry trends, and discuss the hottest fashion around the globe. And don't worry, you need not be an expert in fashion to listen – just simply have a passion for it.

  • Dress Code Cracker: the podcast -- style and communication

    Dress Code Cracker discusses personal expression through style. Far outside the confines of mainstream consumer fashion culture, we consider pop culture, politics, modern art and feminism in discussing style as a means of personal expression. We talk to one guest bi-weekly about what they express when they get dressed and what informs their style. Using an audio format forces a visual medium to be translated verbally. We look at dress as a daily exercise in creative self-expression, including as an expression of political beliefs. Dress can be a way to consider issues of oppression: via globalization/fast fashion, gender politics, race, feminisms, ableism and various types of 'body fascism'. Not to forget also how dress references culture and subculture. Dress code cracker is body and sex positive. Feedback welcome at sarah (at) dresscodecracker.com and please visit at www.dresscodecracker.com

  • Alexandra Shulman: Fashion in Conversation

    Podcast Description: In celebration of Vogue Fashion's Night Out, Alexandra Shulman, editor-in-chief of British Vogue, discusses her career and the ever-growing fashion-tech revolution. Hosted by Kinvara Balfour at the Apple Store, Regent Street.

  • Ask Me About My Hair

    Ask Me About My Hair is a podcast that talks all things natural hair. And life. From hair recipes, to hair chats, how-to's, and the thoughts behind this thing we call natural hair.

  • 「はじめましてツキムラです」

    創業94年 オーダースーツ専門店ツキムラの社長と専務の親子が、滋賀について語るラジオ番組です。e-radioで毎週月曜日 12:45から放送中。

  • Madame Velo

    Podcast o rewolucyjnych akcesoriach rowerowych, stylizacji rowerowej, modzie, kreowaniu własnego stylu.

  • This Week in Makeup

    MEL Products Presents This Week in Makeup. Host Crystal and MEL Products team including Renown Makeup Artist Allan Apone and AJ bring you the latest in the Makeup industry. Chatting with some of the biggest voices and companies in the industry, come and join the dialogue with the industry's latest news and events for the beautiful world of makeup artistry. With topics ranging from professional "insta-famous" artists to professional special effects artists on set, there is something new each week.

  • Ask The Beauty Advisor's Podcast

    "Ask the beauty advisor" is a fun and informative podcast that answers your health and beauty questions.This is a podcast for people who are seriously interested in maintaining their health and youthfulness. With host Deanna lyn who not only answers listeners questions, but also shares the latest health and beauty news, as well as product reviews. The show also includes interviews with the top health and beauty professionals. You can listen-in weekly by subscribing on iTunes, for more info visit www.askthebeautyadvisor.com

  • Isabel och Rebeccas podcast

    Hollywoodfrun och entreprenören Isabel Adrian och bloggaren och mångsysslaren Rebecca Simonsson pratar varje fredag om mode, relationer och livet i allmänhet. Isabel från Los Angeles och Rebecca från Stockholm. Det här är en podcast i samarbete med Expressen. Hör av dig med frågor eller åsikter på iochrpodcast@gmail.com eller på Twitter: #isabelochrebeccaspodcast. Ansvarig utgivare: Thomas Mattsson.


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