• Глянец

    Каждый день, по будням на Маяке обзор глянцевых журналов: политические и светско-гламурные, автомобильные и кулинарные, научные и туристические, мужские и чисто женские, а также самые популярные издания про кино, здоровье, спорт, моду, путешествия и развлечения. Автор и ведущая: Ника Горбунова. Выход: ежедневно по будням.

  • Amour, Mode & Beauté

    Dans le blog « amourmodeetbeaute.com » nous parlerons vêtements, maquillage et relations amoureuses. Vous apprendrez à mieux connaître votre morphologie, votre corps, à prendre conscience de votre féminité, à apprécier votre reflet dans le miroir, à prendre conscience de vos atouts, à vous sentir belle et à avoir confiance en vous (même au saut du lit). vous apprendrez aussi comment faire craquer ces messieurs à tous les coups et surtout comment parvenir à garder à vos côtés l’élu de votre cœur, celui qui en vaut la peine. Vous verrez comment faire en sorte que votre prince vous regarde chaque jour avec des yeux émerveillés, remplis d’amour et de désir même après des années de vie commune, quelques rides ou kilos en plus ! Vous allez parvenir à changer de look avec des conseils simples de beauté et de mode peu importe votre âge, votre origine ethnique ou votre silhouette. Mon expérience dans le conseil en image va vous permettre de bénéficier d'un véritable relooking gratuit en ligne

  • The Daughter-in-Law Rules by Sally Shields

    Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant, Sally Shields, records an Enhanced Audio Excerpt about her book, The Daughter-in-Law Rules.

  • ようこそ 機械式時計の世界へ


  • TADAチャンネル

    【登録 (購読)で配信します】タダサヨコです。 コーディネイターとしての目で見た事を情報として発信します。 ファッションの話や大好きなパリの街もお勧めを紹介。 Fashion is delivered by sound.

  • ARTISTRY Color – Behind the Make Up

    Artistry takes you behind the scenes to experience the brand, provide the latest information on seasonal trends and shares tips for creating the look.


    Beauty is our reason for being, women are the soul of our brand and science is the foundation of everything we do.

  • Diamond Answer Man

    Hello! My name is J. Christopher Guritz and I launched the Diamond Answer Man podcast in response to encouragement from my family, clients and many now friends. I started over three decades ago working in the jewelry trade. I worked from the jewelry bench all the way up to Vice President of Sales for not one but two diamond polishing (cutting) firms. I am the inventor of the first handheld 10X achromatic and aplanatic optical performance tool for diamonds. In the early 90's my team started using the use of word "performance" with our clients in response to all the overly technical grading that was coming out at the time. We related performance to the diamonds beauty and shared it with friends, jewelers, jewelry authors, lab directors and scientists...today the word performance is now used on certificates from almost all major labs in the world. My goal today is to help you feel confident about your purchases used to memorialize your special moments. I do this all from my small sound

  • Wedding Podcast Network Podcasts

    Wedding Podcast Network is the best place on the internet to listen to advice about wedding planning. We have podcasts with newlyweds who share their wedding planning experiences. And podcasts with the top wedding professionals sharing their expertise. We have podcasts with wedding cake designers Ron Ben-Israel and Sylvia Weinstock.We also have a podcast with wedding make-up artist Laura Geller. Listen to our wedding podcast with world famous wedding designer Preston Bailey who has designed for Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Regis Philbin and Joan Rivers to name just a few. We have shows that cover things like, destination weddings, honeymoons, relationships, fashion, beauty products, music, wedding planners who are planning weddings and so much more. Listen to our programs about celebrity weddings and get advice from our newlyweds on Newlywedcast. If you are planning a wedding then you need The Wedding Podcast Network (TM) Wedding Talk Radio at its best. Wedding planning on demand. Th

  • 寝る前のいい話、、、

    眠れない時に、ちょっと聞きたいいい話。人には誰しも心配や眠れない夜があるもの。そんな時にちょっと安心できるあなたの名前を呼んでくれるようなプログラムです。 今日1日いいことなんて何一つなかったなと思った時、このプログラムを聞いてもらえれば、たちまちいい1日に早変わりするそんな番組構成を心がけています。


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