• GOLF STRONG - The source for more power in your golf game.

    Golf Strong is a new blog by John Novosel of Tour Tempo. He gives swing training tips, links to pertinent articles, and everything else to bring more power to your golf game.

  • It's My Boat!

    If you have questions about boats and boating and just don't know where to start, this is the show for you. We want to help you enjoy our favorite sport.

  • Velo Club Don Logan

    A loose discussion of all things cycling & fitness related. Pro cycling and mountain biking news and analysis.

  • DiveFilm 3D Video

    3D underwater short videos of the ocean world! These 3D videos are in side-by-side stereoscopic format, and are viewable on 3D TVs, via AppleTV, 3D capable mobile devices, and using stereoscopic viewers for side-by-side 3D viewing. Most current viewing methods will require 3D glasses. Although, many glasses-free (auto-stereoscopic) methods of 3D viewing are becoming more and more common. We hope you enjoy the new 3D underwater videos!

  • Golf Tactical

    Golf Tactical, Improving your mental game through strategic thinking. 99% of golf support focuses on the golf swing, when everyone knows that golf is primarily a thinking game. Learn the framework for thinking taught to you by your coaches Big Dave and Kaylia.

  • Horse Girl TV: Horses For Wireless Equine Enthusiasts

    Horse Girl TV is by an equestrian for equestrians and horse enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. HorseGirlTV unplugs the classic equine world. The show is hosted by Angelea Kelly and presented by SpaldingFlyPredators.com.

  • UKMQ Muddcast

    Mudd Queens are entering the podcasting world to bring you more ways to have a conversation. Our pilot episode is hosted by Jojo (MQHQ) and Ami (ThisGirlDid), an introductory ramble on who we are and what we plan to do. Join us as we navigate the world of OCR and podcasts.

  • Jay Scott Outdoors Western Big Game Hunting and Fishing Podcast

    Western Big Game Hunting Guide and Hunter Jay Scott of Jay Scott Outdoors talks about hunting and fishing adventures on this podcast. Jay has authored many hunting articles in Western Big Game Hunting Publications and has served as a judge in the RMEF World Championship Elk Calling contest. Jay operates a successful hunting and fishing blog and YouTube channel. The goal of this podcast is to educate and inform by covering topics ranging from hunting, fishing, wildlife, elk, desert bighorn sheep, mule deer and coues deer, rocky mountain bighorn sheep, wild turkey, tactics, guides, outfitters, archery, bowhunting, rifle, digiscoping, KUIU, backpacking, and much more.

  • It's My Park

    It's my Park is the show that takes viewers on a tour of the 29,000 acres that make up the 1,700 parks in New York City.

  • Horse Tip Daily

    A short almost daily online radio show (horse podcast) packed with useful tips and information from the top names in the horse world. A different horse tip, a different equine topic, a different equestrian expert every day.


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