For a while now there's been a growing urge amongst the TABLEFLIP crew. A stratovolcano waiting to blurt out a fountain of opinions, observations, frustrations and wisdoms. Driven by our experiences working with many clients on varying projects and disparate code bases. From greenfield to legacy and everything in between our affliction to using the newest most shiny tech gives us a unique outlook on the state of the world of development in Node.js and JavaScript. We can no longer stem the fire hose. The TABLEFLIP podcast is here.

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    John Van Pelt's recent posts to audioboom.com

  • Noise Security Bit

    нерегулярный подкаст о жизни ресечеров по обе стороны океана

  • PROTOTYPE.FM - プロトタイプFM

    起業家、エンジニア、デザイナーなど、スタートアップやプロダクトを作る人のリアルな声をお届けするポッドキャストです。起業家、エンジニア、デザイナーへのインタビューや、スタートアップ、プロダクト開発に参考になる本、記事の紹介をしていきます。ホスト: 山本 大策(@daisaku)。

  • Podkast Askøyværingen

    New podcast weblog

  • Law of Promises

    These audio podcasts were invaluable to my business! Thanks for the great information!


    A weekly Formula 1 podcast. Presented by Colm Lawless and Dave Humphreys

  • Chef Cardinale Cooking Show

    Chef Alex Cardinale is back! The successful Chef Cardinale Cooking show is back and this time we are back to reclaim our spot as one of the best cooking shows online. Join Chef Alex as he teaches you everything you need to know about cooking and baking and get some delicious recipes!! Chef Alex looks forward to serving you.

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  • The New Stack @ Scale

    The New Stack @ Scale podcast is about developing and managing elastic and dynamic services and systems. 967434


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