• Leviticus (Messianic) Vol. II - The Harvest

    We invite and encourage you to join the reading schedule that has so inspired the Jewish community since before the birth of “The Church.” At the same time, we challenge you to read the portions on your own, mining God’s rich, spiritual garden, gleaning the precious nuggets that lay in store for you. A Messianic commentary for each portion has been provided to assist you in your journey to become a more mature child of HaShem. May His Spirit richly bless you as you “Study to show thyself approved!” 2 Timothy 2:15

  • Rabbi Aaron Starr's Podcast

    Rabbi Starr will be creating one podcast each week on a variety of topics.

  • Talking Jewish

    Senior Rabbi Michael Siegel’s rollickingly relevant approach to the weekly Torah portion. Drawing from traditional and modern sources in pursuit of the meaning of the text for our times, we guarantee you will find that the Torah is the Tree of Life to those who hold fast to it.

  • Illumination

    Ancient Jewish wisdom, refracted through ideas and perspectives of modern Jewish thinkers.

  • JCOR Parsha & Pizza

    JCOR, The Jewish Community of Rhawnhurst and Holy Land Pizza at present a weekly presentation with insights into the Torah portion of the week and other timely topics of Jewish interest.

  • Rabbi Binyamin Jadidi's Podcas

    Ateret Israel, under the direction of Rabbi Binyamin Jadidi has been promoting the vitality of Jewish religion, culture and lifestyle.

  • Rav Sherki

    Daily Torah lessons from Rav Sherki

  • Practical Halachah on the Laws of Shabbat (Video-HD)

    Learn the practical laws and customs to properly observe the Shabbat with renowned halachic expert Rabbi Yosef Shusterman. Presented is a comprehensive series of fifteen-minute lessons on applying Jewish law related to Shabbat in a clear and to-the-point style.

  • JCRC Podcasts

    This is the podcast blog for the Jewish Community Relations Council of Southern New Jersey (JCRC). The JCRC is the human relations and public policy arm of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey. More information is at jcrcsnj.org. The Federation's website is at jewishsouthjersey.org.

  • Laws of Shabbat

    Ziegler Torah


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