• Justapreacher Ministries - Where Was Jesus Born?

    This small-group study was held on December 13, 2011, and discusses clues in the Scriptures that give a clear indication of exactly where Jesus was born -- not just an arbitrary manger behind an unnamed inn, but in a special manger that gives new understanding to Jesus as the "Lamb of God."

  • LIVEfree Church

    Weekly Sermons direct from the pulpit of LiveFree Church, Newcastle NSW Australia.

  • Liquid Church Message Audio

    Live weekly teaching on God & life, culture & faith from LiquidChurch.com! Liquid Church is a creative, contemporary Christian church - find out more at LiquidChurch.com.

  • Living Waters Foursquare Church

    Refreshing, Restoring, Releasing. The weekly sermon from Living Waters Foursquare Church in Medford, Oregon.

  • LDS Seminary Music

    The following selections feature music from the Church Educational System video series of The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Church History, New Testament and Old Testament.

  • Liberty Church OH

    Sermons by Liberty Church OH

  • Dishes & Doctrine

    Finding the place where motherhood and theology collide.

  • Elk Horn Baptist Church

    Elk Horn Baptist Church

  • Entendiendo las escrituras

    Programa producido y transmitido por Radio Eternidad que procura ayudar al creyente a estudiar y entender las escrituras de una manera completa y sencilla.

  • Epworth Chapel on the Green

    Epworth is a Wesleyan-Anglican church in Boise, Idaho. Our sermons are prepared on the foundation of the lectionary readings and in the context of the liturgical Christian calendar. Integrating each Sunday's lectionary readings, sermon, prayers, hymns and Holy Communion provides a coordinated and thoughtful whole, enabling the worshiper to integrate Christian faith with daily living.


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