• Lochpick — Alternative Sex, Love and Relationship Advice

    Author D.H. Loch and sex therapist Maggie B. talk about alternative lifestyles and provide sex, love and relationship advice to those who live them.

  • AV人生相談ターボ


  • Wisdom For Romeo

    Some brave guys in their 20's come together with ideas and personal experiences on love. Give these guys a listen and don't kill yourself over love.

  • Dirty Talk with Aaron Little

    The best bits from Dirty Talk, heard Monday-Thursday from 9pm on gayradio.com.au

  • Dr Clint Taurus

    Sex & Fulfillment. How couples unleash their passions and desires within the relationship.

  • Lesbian Love Talk

    Created and hosted by Barb Elgin, Lasting Lesbian Love Visionary. Lesbian Love Talk - now flying upwards towards 200,000 listens - and consistent billing as one of the most popular in Blog Talk Radio's 'Romance' 'Home-Life-GLBTQ' categories - is a full OUT celebration of you and your life. Stay tuned for real conversation and topics, great content and expert guests! Thank you for supporting the show. We hope you will continue to listen and spread the word! Be sure to pick up your FREE copies of past shows here at BlogTalkRadio, on I-Tunes or through your favorite application. Please note: Lesbian Love Talk's focus is education for a general/wide audience. It’s not therapy, coaching or medical advice specific to you and your life. The views and opinions of my guests are their own. We also cover some racy topics on this show, so if you are under 18, you must get your parent's permission to listen. For assistance with your unique concerns, be sure to contact Barb for a complime

  • Dirty Sexy Monogamy

    Dirty Sexy Monogamy is a show the about all things relationships. Hosted by sex writer, Gigi Engle and her longterm boyfriend, Mike Fishbein, the couple covers a variety of subjects from love to sex from communication to gender issues. Follow Gigi and Mike on Twitter @GigiEngle & @MFishbein

  • Sex With Friends

    Remember that guy who could only climax if you licked his earlobe while he barked like a dog. Or that time when you went on a blind date only to figure out it was with your best friends creepy cousin from middle school. Just when you thought you knew all about modern dating and sex, you talk to your twenty-something friends and realize that they have been through equally as unusual and hilarious adventures. What used to be private late night talks suddenly became a constant topic of everyday conversation between friends and thus, Sex with Friends was created.

  • Mistress Rage

    Lifestyle and professional Dominatrix, Mistress Rage, talks about different topics relating to BDSM.

  • Playboy Radio Interview

    The biggest stars, the people you want to know, in their own words. For this and other great Playboy Radio shows go to www.tunein.com/playboy


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