• Journey405Podcast – A journey in weight loss.

    I got off the scale at 405 pounds and I need to lose weight. I am making changes that will have a positive impact on my life. Welcome to my journey and thank you for listening.

  • ICE&LEMON // Personal Change : Professional Development

    Training, Consultancy, Coaching, Development & Change

  • On the human mind

    Dr Arlene Taylor, one of the world’s leading speakers on brain function, is sometimes referred to as the brain guru. She specialises in simplifying this complex topic of brain function, with the goal of helping individuals learn to thrive by design. Taylor is founder and president of Realizations Inc, a non-profit corporation that engages in brain-function research and provides related educational resources.

  • Build Your Freedom by Zack Young

    Build Your Freedom Podcast by Zack Young.

  • Being an Elder

    Karen Lund, author of Being an Elder, continues the conversation about how to live a meaningful life being an elder. She shares insights, life stories, and recommends activities for all ages

  • Embark Audio

    Yoga Peeps! I'm now podcasting at: http://apple.co/1Ew6pqk- that is aimed at yoga & wellness professionals. Focus on thriving and transformation after a "Thunderbolt" experience, like job loss, serious illness, divorce, via spiritual and holistic methods! Kala Viv Williams, massage therapist, intuitive and yoga teacher's soothing voice guide you. Kala is the author the Zen Of Crisis, an audio download kit, with guided relaxation, and stress management meditations. She's been featured in Self, Yoga Journal and Essence magazines. Subscribe to her blog, at yogablissdance.com/ Namaste. Shows added 1-2X each week (this is not primarily a yoga asana practice podcast.)

  • Get Your GLOSS On!

    Blazing a pathway in personal and professional development, Chris Gloss Enterprises (CGE), the home of America’s Number 1 Possibilities speaker, Chris Gloss, “The Possibilitarian” -- offers a range of relevant and effective professional and personal development services to corporations, individuals and teams throughout the country and around the world, who are serious about increasing their bottom line, improving employee and workplace morale and reaching new levels of excellence in customer service, sales, and leadership.

  • Love In Life

    When you were born you needed two things, air for your lungs and unconditional love, the knowledge that someone cared about you even though you couldn't earn it. Guess what you still need air and you still need unconditional love. All the conflict, divorce, addictions and unhappiness in the world are a result of people not having enough real love! That changes with this podcast. This is your source to fill your bucket up with love and answer all the questions that are leaving you unfulfilled.

  • 墨凡说

    平行世界里,读一些文字与你,让声波将你我联系。 微信公众号:mofanshuo 新浪微博:墨凡说 投稿邮箱:xqihangwl@126.com

  • Paul Kroto

    Welcome to The LifePlan Improvement podcast with your host Paul Kroto. If you want a better life you need a better plan! My mission is to help you improve your... spirit, mind, body, planning skills, organizing skills, relationships, money making plan, and your finances. Imagine your life the way you want it to be… Now lets achieve it together!


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