• 15 minutes of Inspiration Podcast with Coach P

    Looking for some inspiration? Need something to get you mentally ready for the long week ahead of you? All that and more is available in the 15 minutes of inspiration Podcast with Coach “P” - helping you jump start your week ahead. Download it and get inspired now

  • One Planet, One Place

    Inspiring people, inspiring stories from around the globe.

  • Kelle Sutliff

    Psychic Cup of Coffee with Kelle Sutliff - Tuesdays 1pm pt 4pm et

  • 人性的弱点全集

    《人性的弱点全集》 原作名:How to Win Friends And Influence Others & How to Stop Worrying And Start Living 作者:[美] 戴尔·卡耐基 译者:袁玲 出版社:中国发展出版社 页数:496 字数:445000 定价:25.00元 ISBN: 9787800875830 版本:2008年1月第2版 2012年12月第14次印刷 中国版本图书馆CIP数据核字 (2002) 第039151号 / C912.1-49   《人性的弱点全集》汇集了卡耐基的思想精华和最激动人心的内容,是作者最成功的励志经典,出版后立即获得了广大读者的欢迎,成为西方世界最持久的人文畅销书。主要内容包括:与人相处的基本技巧、平安快乐的要诀、如何使人喜欢你、如何赢得他人的赞同、如何更好地说服他人、让你的家庭生活幸福快乐等十篇。   戴尔·卡耐基(Dale Carnegie, 1888-1955) ,20世纪最著名的成功学导师,著作有《语言的突破》、《人性的光辉》、《人性的弱点》、《美好的人生》等。这些书和卡耐基的成人教育实践相辅相成,将卡耐基的人生智慧传播到世界各地,影响了千千万万人的思想和心态,激发了他们对生命的无限热忱与信心,勇敢地面对与搏击现实中的困难,追求自己充实美好的人生。 豆瓣读书链接:http://book.douban.com/subject/1056295/ 购买: http://book.douban.com/subject/1056295/buylinks 背影音乐——Yiruma演奏Love Scene专辑的Sunny Rain。

  • The Productivity Podcast: Time Management, Motivation, Business, Self-Help and Happiness

    Hi, I'm Paul, host of The Productivity Podcast. This podcast is dedicated to helping you learn how to become a Jedi Master of productivity. If you're the kind of person who wants to get more out of life, you want to achieve big things and be highly successful, then you're in the right place. I view productivity as a tool for doing just that; getting the most out of life. If you think about it, no matter what your goals are, by being more effective and efficient with how you approach them, you'll reach them quicker. The Productivity Podcast brings you actionable and easy to follow advice to help you get more done. I also interview productive people to learn what they're doing to achieve more with their time. Enjoy the show!

  • DO IT with Addy Saucedo

    Addy Saucedo, your host, is dedicated to helping you brave the challenges that life has and embrace the moments that give you passion, wisdom, motivation, confidence and a transformation that you are proud of. Let’s DO IT!

  • Mirror Check

    Empowerment Series (Podcast)from Life Styler, Renair Amin. Take a listen and a look into the mirror of Transformation Change. Each download is filled with a Tip that will lead you on a runway to a better you! Keep Stylin'!

  • DonnaTrickett.com

    If you do find that you can take care of your parent out of your home, look into all the helpers and support groups that you can find. In-home nursing care, adult day care centers, and hospice can all make your burden a great deal lighter. Read my book, Inside Mom’s Mind, to discover over 100 ideas on dealing with Alzheimer’s and enjoying the journey.

  • Dentist Ann Arbor

    Dentist Ann Arbor is excited about helping you find a dentist in Ann Arbor Michigan that you will enjoy having them as your dental provider. We want to help you realize or keep a healthy, bright smile that you can be proud of. We are literally letting the cat out of the bag and revealing the truth about common misconceptions surrounding dental care and tips for finding an ethical and affordable dentist that has your best interests in mind. If you’re feeling… Confused about choosing a dental team that’s right for you and that you could make an informed decision if you only knew more about what questions you should be asking during the selection process…OR Frustrated with the lack of information you get from your dentist and worried about the high price of treatment… AND Afraid that you will have to live with poor dental health because you cannot find an affordable dentist that you trust This podcast is PERFECT for you and I want you to rest assured that you’re not alone.


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