• Easy Success from Sports to Weight Loss!

    Mind Coach Armand Dupuis Reveals Tips on the Mental Game of Success in every part of Life... Everything from Achieving Peak Performance in Sports, to Permanent Weight Loss, or even having a Successful Home Based Business...

  • Get Off Your Rear with Joy in Your Ear

    This audio is supporting those who are members of the 50 days to reset your life program.

  • Athlete Emerging

    One woman's journey from soft and curvy to cut and muscular, and the challenges, laughs and lessons that come up along the way. More about a change in identity than just workout routines, Heidi Neilson - the Athlete Emerging - explores psychology, physiology, fitness, and nutrition as she shares the road of her own transformation.

  • Strategies for More Personal Power & Health™ with Labron Jae Allen

    Are you a successful, sophisticated business woman who needs and wants more time, more health, more energy, more balance and more accurate thinking? Lyfeology® - Strategies For MORE Personal Power & Health™ brings to you twice a week actionable formulas, personal experiences and deep insights that will motivate, captivate and solve the dilemma of how to make accurate, predictable changes in how you think, how you feel, what decisions you make and the health you achieve . This is your blueprint to experience more!

  • Spell Weight Loss with Beth Spellacy

    After years of "dieting" and searching for the right answer to lose my weight, I have finally hit on the real answer, healing from the inside. Join me on my path to weight loss as I heal the mind which, in turn, heals the body.

  • Glasgow Centre for Population Health Podcast

    The seminar series is intended to create a space in which participants are exposed to interesting and relevant ideas, encouraged to develop their thinking and increase dialogue across disciplines and sectors. It is hoped that the series contributes to the development of a better understanding of the context in which the challenge of health improvement is undertaken and suggests that it is possible to discover a new public health methodology and understanding which will be of value beyond the confines of the city and regional boundaries. The series covers a wide range of topics and consists of a number of public lectures, associated with a number of small, invited seminars designed to explore the ideas raised in the lectures in more detail and establish their relevance to health improvement.

  • Yoga Teacher Podcasts

    Stories from revered yoga teachers of our time. Insights that will inspire and motivate your yoga journey and strategic tips to grow your yoga business. Find out how your favorite teachers got started on their yoga journey, who are the teachers that inspired them and what wisdom do they have for new yoga teachers. Tune in, join the community and collaborate on the website

  • Urban Jiva Podcast

    Salema V is a respected yoga teacher and is well known for her passion and unique self-expression which she infuses into her classes by creating inspiring and some times off the wall playlists to challenging dynamic vinyasa sequences giving an urban feel to the practice, taught with attention to precise alignment, meditation, philosophy, sanskrit chanting to keep your intention elevated.

  • Mastery Podcast with Mark Coles

    The Mastery Podcast provides personal trainers and fitness professionals, with the necessary tools to take full control of their careers.

  • Physique Formula Podcast

    The Physique Formula podcast drops informative content on paleo nutrition, crossfit, training and making gains while providing a few laughs


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