• Pilates Louisville

    How to get fit fast with exercises developed from the core principles of Joseph Pilates

  • Spartancast

    O Spartancast é mais que um canal, é uma filosofia de vida totalmente dedicada a todas as pessoas que buscam o desenvolvimento pessoal holístico e uma melhoria na qualidade de vida através do equilíbrio físico, mental e espiritual. Somos um canal dedicado ao desenvolvimento do potencial humano ilimitado através de um processo de melhoria contínua, pois acreditamos que o principal propósito da vida é a evolução e isso se traduz no nosso lema “Seja Melhor que Ontem”.

  • Motus V with Nick The Tooth

    The Motus V podcast is a deep dive into the five pillars of optimum health: Mental Clarity, Exercise, Diet, Recovery, and Tribe.

  • PODRUNNER: INTERVALS -- Workout music for tempo-based exercise

    Varied-BPM workout music mixes for runners, joggers, and power walkers, from the creator of Podrunner, the world's most popular workout mix series. These professionally designed, multi-week series are your training partner for 5K, 8K, and 10K runs, and much more.

  • Health & Fitness Engineer

    Coach BK gives us critical information on the issues that present as obstacles in our journey towards improved health, well-being and athletic pursuits.

  • Yoga, Meditation & Qigong

    This show is dedicated to transforming your life through the teachings of Yoga, Meditation and Qigong. Hosted by certified Yoga and Qigong instructor, Cindy Bartz of InterConnections, this show makes the teachings of Yoga, Meditation and Qigong accessible to everyone. When you weave these practices into your daily life you reduce stress and anxiety, calm the mind, rejuvenate the body and renew your spirit.

  • WHO Europe's Podcast

    WHO is the authority responsible for public health within the United Nations system. The WHO Regional Office for Europe (WHO/Europe) is one of WHO’s six regional offices around the world.

  • -Weight Loss Update-

    News, advice, and science to make your weight loss plan work

  • To Your Health

    To Your Health discusses different methods to stay healthy including weight loss, vitimans, reports from doctors and more!




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