• Therapeutic Exercise Video Library

    Sixty two basic therapeutic exercise and technique videos. Covers Range of Motion, Stretching, Joint Mobilization, Resistance, and Spinal Stabilization.

  • Prática Jurídica com Alberto Bezerra

    Podcast juridico direcionado à Prática Forense com o Prof Alberto Bezerra

  • Conexión CONEICC (Podcast) - www.poderato.com/jhidalgo

    Programa oficial del Consejo Nacional para la Enseñanza e Investigación de las Ciencias de la Comunicación (CONEICC)

  • Belmonte Cintas, Carmen's Podcast

    Incidenda erunt verba iuncturaeque Latinae quae usui nobis, magistris discipulisque, sunt.

  • Public Lectures – Larry Speck

    Lectures given by Larry Speck on architecture, society, architectural theory, and other topics.

  • EconTalk Archives, 2006

    EconTalk is an award-winning weekly talk show about economics in daily life. Featured guests include renowned economics professors, Nobel Prize winners, and exciting speakers on all kinds of topical matters related to economic thought. Topics include health care, free trade, economic growth, education, finance, politics, sports, book reviews, parenting, and the curiosities of everyday decision-making. Russ Roberts, of the Library of Economics and Liberty (econlib.org) and George Mason U., draws you in with lively guests and creative repartee. Look for related readings and the complete archive of previous shows at EconTalk.org, where you can also comment on the podcasts and ask questions.

  • Sam and the Ninja

    Two Pastors talking news, theology, and whatever... This Podcast was created using www.talkshoe.com

  • Portland Bible College Podcasts

    Sessions from chapel services and events of Portland Bible College, Portland, Oregon, USA. www.portlandbiblecollege.org


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