• Smart Students Podcast » Students Engaging Students

    Student led interviews of student leaders at the University of Nevada, Reno. We share conversations and stories about student engagement on campus and in the community!

  • Studio 395

    Studio 395 features interviews on a wide range of fascinating historical topics. All interviews explore original research conducted by students in sections of HIST 395 (an undergraduate research methods course at James Madison University) taught by Professor Steven Reich and Professor Andrew Witmer.

  • W&L Law School Podcasts

    Lectures, Symposia, and other Events from the Washington and Lee School of Law


    Post-Gradified is a podcast about the experiences of graduating from college. Through a series of interviews, investigations, and personal stories, the podcast shows the trials of tribulations of entering the job market, and what it means to be a post-grad in 2015.

  • Havel at Columbia: Events (Video)

    At the invitation of President Bollinger, Vaclav Havel arrived at Columbia University October 26th 2006 for a seven-week residency featuring lectures, interviews, conversations, classes, performances, and panels centered on his life and ideas.

  • Eine kleine Nachtphysik

    In diesem Podcast geht es um Physik. Ich versuche physikalische Effekte so zu erklären, dass sie jeder interessierte Zuhörer versteht.

  • Best Four Years with Kevin Zhai

    Kevin Zhai chats with Stanford students and friends about how they got into college, their personal experiences, and what's up next in life.

  • AIER Podcasts

    American Institute for Economic Research is your source for objective, useful knowledge on economic and financial topics.

  • UCD Scholarcast - Series 4: Reconceiving the British Isles: The Literature of the Archipelago

    In his book, On the Shores of Politics, Jacques Ranciere argues that the Western Platonic project of utopian politics has been based upon 'an anti-maritime polemic'. The treacherous boundaries of the political are imagined as island shores, riverbanks, and abysses. Its enemies are the mutinous waves and the drunken sailor. 'In order to save politics', writes Ranciere, 'it must be pulled aground among the shepherds'. And yet, as Ranciere points out, this always entails the paradox that to found a new utopian island, safe from the perils of sailors and the sea, means crossing the sea once more. Margaret Cohen, in an article surveying the turn towards maritime themes in twenty-first century literary criticism, argues that literary scholars have historically fixed their gazes upon land, with an effort 'so spectacular that it might be called hydrophasia'. But that hydrophasia appears to be ebbing, and the new attention given to the sea, as what Hester Blum calls 'a proprioceptive point of i


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