• Universitário Proativo

    Dia a dia de um universitário com dicas para aproveitar ao máximo o seu tempo na universidade.

  • Research in Action | A podcast for faculty & higher education professionals on research design, methods, productivity & more

    Research in Action is a weekly podcast about topics and issues related to research in higher education from experts across a range of disciplines.

  • Top Tips

    victoria bc's best podcasts and interviews

  • Mobile Talk

    PSCC Mobile Talk is a short, weekly podcast where hosts Donn King and Mark Fuentes discuss mobile technology in higher education.

  • Invasive Plants of the US

    A podcast about a different invasive plant each week, presented by EB's Rob Nelson. In this first podcasting series Rob decides to take on a subject that he has spent over 4 years studying -- invasive plants. From footage compliled from work around the states, Rob shares quick lessons in invasive plants, so that we can all be a little more educated when it comes to our great outdoors. Join these weekly podcasts, that visually show a unique invader, or problem plant through Rob (and co-host) Hazen's trials through the swamps and woods.

  • Make College Affordable with the College Aid Lady | Tips, Secrets and Strategies to Get More Money | Stephanie Hancock | Coll

    College is expensive and paying for it is no small feat. Families from all sorts of economic backgrounds hope to get some help with college costs but are often disappointed with the aid they receive or the lack thereof. But, the truth is almost any family can get financial aid regardless of income and assets when you know where to look. If you need or want money for college, you will want to listen to this podcast. Stephanie Hancock CFP(R), CCPS, an experienced financial aid consultant, will review with listeners how to identify where they have the best chances of getting financial aid, how financial aid works, ways to manage the aid application process and more. Expect lectures that are supplemented with interviews, case studies and commentary. Head to www.collegeaidlady.com for notes from the show and to subscribe to show updates.

  • IHS Academic

    KosmosOnline Podcast - inviews with classical liberal academics

  • Liceo "De Sanctis" Podcast Archive - Salerno

    De Sanctis Podcast Archive raccoglie tutte le produzioni podcast della scuola!

  • Great Economists (Audio)

    This is the audio from the Marginal Revolution University video course on the Great Economists taught by professors Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok. In this course, you’ll find answers to questions like: Who were the first economic thinkers? What did early economists understand that has been lost to the modern world? You’ll also find a chapter-by-chapter overview of Adam Smith’s foundational work, The Wealth of Nations. For more econ knowledge, visit mruniversity.com


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