• Briarmeadow Storytellers

    Narrative and Expository essays turned into podcasts from the 7th and 8th grade students of Briarmeadow Charter School.


    This blog and podcast is meant to give students an additional opportunity to use their mathematical knowledge by teaching. Also, the blog is meant to assist future algebra students.

  • Moffett TV

    Filmmaking and TV Production class resources.

  • Child Care Nuggets & Hot Sauce with Lisa Murphy

    Bite-sized chunks of insight for early childhood educators who are passionate about creating, relevant, meaningful learning environments for all children - including the ones you wish would stay home.

  • Spedcast


  • Idea Box Show

    A podcast by and for school librarians! Hosted by Mary Morgan Ryan, the Idea Box Show explores the work school librarians are doing every day, from teaching to technology, and collection development to collaboration. On each show, we feature a rock star school librarian, sharing ideas we can all learn from. Each show is a casual conversation about a program or teaching idea or school library event. Join us to get to know school librarian colleagues and expand your PLN!

  • DRMLK108.9XM

    "The Place Where Dreams Begin"

  • Fabrication de podcast

    Ce podcast a été rénové au cours de l'Itica de Biarritz 2009. Il a servi aux réalisations des stagiaires et était accompagné des commentaires de l'auteur. La sonorisation a été réalisée, ensuite, afin qu'il puisse se suffire à lui-même. Il est destiné à détailler la fabrication des podcasts à partir des logiciels suivants :

  • Missao Encantamento

    Um podcast colaborativo com o objetivo de contar histórias encantadoras de momentos e pessoas que mudaram vidas e tiveram suas vidas transformadas. Um projeto criado coletivamente, onde qualquer um pode participar enviando áudios com histórias de vidas transformadas através da Educação, entendendo Educação como um processo amplo que não se limita à escola e à relação professor-aluno. Este projeto faz parte do Doutorado Informal de Varlei Xavier


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