• The TechEducator Podcast (Video)

    The TechEducator Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to all things Technology in Education hosted by Jeff Bradbury from TeacherCast.net, Jeff Herb from ITT, and Sam Patterson from Patue. Join us LIVE every Sunday at 7pm EST / 4pm PST at www.TeacherCast.tv

  • Chaine defitechno du podcast de radios scolaires

    la chaine DEFI TECHNO : des etablissements se lancent des defis technologiques.

  • RESVT Podcast

    RESVT is a podcast about recent events, activities, and new learning at Richmond Elementary in Richmond, Vermont. Each episode we'll share our newest happenings at RES and try to provide an inside look at what our learners are exploring at RES.

  • Podcast

    Podcasts from the Port Jefferson School District in Port Jefferson, NY.

  • ISB Radio

    ISB Radio: Each week bringing you the latest in music, talk, and sports from the International School Bangkok.

  • Chalk Talk Physics Podcast

    Physics podcast from Mr. Chocholaty's high school physics class. Includes video reviews and science commentary on issues of the day.

  • Speaking of Schools

    Host Doug Keel interviews administrators, teachers, students, parents, and others interested in improving teaching and learning in South Carolina. Produced by the South Carolina Department of Education in partnership with South Carolina Public Radio.

  • School Story

    School Story takes you into the halls and hearts of public education, providing an honest and authentic view into what really happens in classrooms each and every day.

  • Learn French - PAP French 3

    These podcasts are made to go along with the vocabulary (from the C'est à toi! textbook) being taught in Mme Wright's French 3PAP class at NHS. They are based off of the Powerpoint presentations used in class and are intended to reinforce what has already been learned at school. Others are welcome to download these podcasts, but please be aware that these are not intended as a stand-alone language lesson.

  • CerebroTopia

    ( First episode is free, all other episodes are available with paid subscription $20/year that includes both download and direct play from the podcast app. If you want to subscribe please visit: www.cerebrotopia.podbean.com ) This is a wonderful and captivating audio recording of our book: “Fairy Tales for Children and Kids: Learning Good from Bad While Developing Brain Imagination Powers”. Available on Amazon Developed by our Neurologists at Templeton Institute for Neurology . We picked some of the best fairy tales from many cultures all over the world, and then we re-wrote the script in sentences and scenarios suitable for story telling. The sentences are formulated in a way that they trigger imagination through the “heard word”, not only the “read word”. Even though our book is excellent for reading the best benefits can be realized by reading it to a child, or listening to the excellent quality audio production in a beautiful English accent by the amazing voice of Catherine Ca


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