• Canal Educatif à la Demande : le meilleur des vidéos éducatives sur l'économie, les sciences et les arts

    Découvrez des vidéos éducatives et culturelles gratuites sur les sciences & technologies, l'économie & les voies de réussite et les arts, réalisées par des professeurs et des experts. Les premiers pilotes d'émissions disponibles concerneront l'investigation scientifique, l'histoire des sciences et les métiers de la recherche. Pour plus de détails ou pour soumettre votre propre projet de vidéo, rendez-vous sur le site du canal www.canal-educatif.fr et nous vous aiderons. Vos commentaires et appréciations sont extrêmement appréciés !

  • Starke Kinder

    Eine Lesenacht in der KGS Neufelder Straße. Kinder lesen sich was vor.

  • One Minute Spanish for Latin America

    Learn Spanish with Mark and Carolina. In this podcast you'll learn just enough Spanish to get by on a holiday or business trip to a Spanish-speaking country in Central or South America. Each lesson includes just over a minute of language-learning content, so there's no excuse not to learn! Remember, even a few phrases of a language can help you make friends and enjoy travel more.

  • ICT Dept.

    Cinema 4D tutorial episodes for Grade 9

  • Find Yourself a Teacher

    A podcast where we talk about what's new, what's challenging, what's exciting, and what's inspiring in Jewish day school education.

  • Educacast

    O Educacast é feito para ajudar nos conteúdos e nas escolhas de carreira, sempre com alguma coisa engraçada para deixar tudo mais descontraído.

  • Australian Constitution AUDIO

    Audio only presentation of the Australian Constitution and other associated documents

  • Webster City Schools - Biology

    Biology is the study of life, and this course examines all aspects of life. Throughout the semester, students will study cell structure and function, how energy is obtained, cell reproduction and ecology, DNA and genetics. Students will also learn about the nature of science by formulating hypotheses, designing and conducting experiments, and relating science and technology to societal issues.

  • Taking Maths Further Podcast

    Talking to people who use maths in their work. Aiming to encourage further uptake of maths at A-level and beyond. brought to you by the Further Maths Support Programme. The FMSP supports students and teachers in England with mathematics, and you can find out more at furthermaths.org.uk. Hosts: Peter Rowlett (Nottingham Trent University) and Katie Steckles.


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