• Communicate With Confidence

    Speak with confidence, shine in the media, and present your brand in the best possible light. Diane DiResta is a renowned International speaker, consultant and executive speaking strategist. Her book, 'Knockout Presentations: How to Deliver Your Message with Power, Punch and Pizzazz', has been called "The Bible of Public Speaking". Her new eBook is called, "Give Fear the Finger." Rolando Blackman, former NY Knick, calls Diane's knowledge "... absolutely tremendous!" Subscribe to Diane's podcast and begin to improve your public speaking skills!

  • Empresarios de Exito

    Bienvenido a Empresarios de Éxito. Entrevistamos las mentes mas brillantes de la comunidad latina en Canadá y otros lugares del mundo, dueños de negocios, lideres, empresarios que han logrado el éxito y que quieren compartir sus historias, experiencias y conocimientos para ayudar a otros latinos a cosechar el éxito. El éxito no se persigue, sino que se atrae. Necesitamos conocimientos y acción para emplear estos conocimientos y convertirnos en alguien que puede atraer el Éxito. Esta es tu oportunidad para aprender de otros.Todos los entrevistados han alcanzado como mínimo un ingreso de 6 cifras anuales a pesar de las barreras del idioma, culturales y el reto que conlleva la inmigración. En nuestro sitio web ofrecemos también, consejos, libros gratis y una guía para ser exitoso. Toma esta oportunidad para lograrlo tu también, solo registrate en www.EmpresariosdeExito.ca y emprendamos juntos el camino al exito.

  • Prévention de crise à l'ère du digital

    Après avoir obtenu un diplôme d’Entrepreneurship and Business Development à l’HEC de Genève et suivi le Program for Executive Development (PED) à l’IMD de Lausanne, Catherine Daar s’est spécialisée dans le Marketing Internet et a obtenu un Master Certificate in Internet Marketing de l’Université de San Francisco, un Certificate of Web Analytics à l’Université de British Columbia et la certification “Hubspot” de professionnel du Marketing Internet. Elle a passé ces 25 dernières années à aider des entreprises et organisations à promouvoir leur marque et leurs services. Son expérience internationale (New-York, Londres, Boston, Genève, Lausanne) lui a donné une ouverture d’esprit et une vision globale pour élaborer des campagnes qui s’affranchissent des frontières. Sa pratique dans différents médias (télévision, presse écrite, radio), lui permet de créer des messages parfaitement adaptés à votre public cible. Dans ce premier podcast francophone traitant de communication et prévention de c

  • Out in the Big Blue | Digital Marketing & more

    Digital Strategy, Online Marketing, Social Media, Tech Toys, Cloud based apps and MORE

  • MLive Media Group

    A driving force in the digital economy, The MLive Media Group is an audience-first venture encompassing content, sales, and marketing professionals that care deeply about digital marketing

  • Make Me Clear - Dental Communication & Practice Growth

    The make me clear podcast helps dentists do more comprehensive dentistry and improve their private practice by sharing strategies, tools & interviews.

  • Grow Your Business Podcast | Marketing | Facebook Ads | Leadership | Productivity

    Growing a business isn't easy.... It most cases it takes a a lot of work! In today's culture there are so many strategies to use that it's tough to keep up with everything. Through the Grow Your Business Podcast you will discover specific strategies that are required to grow your business in today's economy. You will also hear from today's top authors, business leaders & business owners on the strategies they've used to grow strong lasting business.

  • Legacy Podcast with Dr. Rollan Roberts

    Dr. Roberts is an internationally-renowned, best-selling author, CEO and TV personality recognized as the “Top 100 Most Influential Floridians” of 2015. He has led several global, high growth companies (including serving as CEO of the hoverboard company – the single hottest global consumer product of 2015) and has a record of creating some of the fastest growing companies in America. In addition to being a private pilot and his love of horses, he holds a Doctorate degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship, holds two patents, was a state Senate candidate in 2012, and continues to bring hope to thousands of people around the world through various products, services, speeches, and interviews.

  • Chris Vaughn Podcast

    Chris Vaughn focuses on the mindsets of Millionaires, Successful Entrepreneurs, Incluencers, & Leaders so that you can enjoy the success of your dreams. All success begins with the priorities that give you the foundation to succeed in any and all endeavors. Successful entrepreneurs, influencers, and millionaires all begin their success with having the right mindsets and priorities.

  • Medical Spa MD Podcast

    Medical Spa MD is an active community of physicians practicing cosmetic medicine and includes plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists and aesthetic physicians. . Welcome to the show where we give you the low-down, the inside information and the word from the experts to help you use the internet as part of your marketing machine. The Medical Spa MD Podcast is brought to you by MedicalSpaMD.com


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