• Join Up Dots Podcast

    Are you an entrepreneur who needs the right mindset, motivation and confidence. Hell we all need confidence as its the key to everything in life, and very few entrepreneurs, solopreneurs or just people who are rocking and rolling have this naturally, even though it may seem like a god given gift. Whether you want an amazing online income, entrepreneur success, more money than you could dream off, freedom, love, sex, or even a huge promotion at work confidence will make it happen. And we will show you how to get it - BIGTIME! Having the confidence to go after it, and the mindset to make it happen is demonstrated in every episode of the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots through the startup stories, struggles, honest conversations and training and coaching. Ready to rock your life?

  • Ricardo Equips Artistic Leaders

    I exist to gather together creative artists that have been either rejected or have moved away from “the existing music system” to equip them to be artistic leaders in the Five Fold for the purpose of bringing the Ark (Praise, Principles, Pattern, People, Power, Provision, and Presence) of God back to the restored Davidical Tabernacle (the Body of Christ) to impact the digital Music, Marketplace, Ministry, and Media Cultures imparting faith, hope, and LOVE using our artistic abilities in the process.

  • Women Taking the Lead with Jodi Flynn

    Women Taking the Lead is a twice per week interview-style podcast with women who have achieved success, and men who forward the cause of women in leadership. Through the leadership stories of other successful women, and the perspective of men, the aim of Women Taking the Lead is to show you how to lift the restraints of self-doubt and acknowledge you are destined for greatness, discover what you’re really passionate about so you can finally follow your true calling, create more time for fun on your journey (it's essential to success!), to silence your inner critic, and make working on your mindset for success a top priority. Come join me and let’s see what we can create!

  • Hinge

    Hinge is a podcast by Bill Seaver about pivoting in business. People are changing, hinging and pivoting in many ways in their work. This is Bill's journey.

  • 老汪谈职场

    微信公众号:人呐 / 新浪微博:老汪谈职场 这是一个专谈职场的脱口秀节目,这里不讲厚黑,不抄文章,不打鸡血,没有播音腔,全部内容都是老汪和朋友们的干货分享,我们给你补充弹药粮草,分享秘籍攻略,帮你眺望职业前进的远方。 主播老汪在上海不同类型的外企中晃荡了十几年时间,期间看到了无数职场中发生的悲喜剧。希望通过这个节目,给初入职场的朋友们一些建议和启发,避免小伙伴们不小心掉坑里,摔跟头。 ...

  • Women Leaving Medicine Podcast

    The podcast series with interviews and ideas brought to you if you're a woman physician who is contemplating leaving or who has left medical practice... for whatever reason.

  • Our Freelance Life

    Learn how successful freelancers make freelancing work for them. Hear how freelancers get started, find clients and manage their freelance lifestyle.

  • Make It Work With Phoebe Lovatt

    Podcast by Phoebe Lovatt

  • Freelance Confidence Podcast

    A freelance writer with experience of commercial content creation and journalistic opinion and feature writing.

  • Innovation by Lindegaard

    Podcast by Stefan Lindegaard


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