• Rangefinder Radio

    Rangefinder Magazine presents a variety of radio programs geared towards photography enthusiasts and professionals. Join Rangefinder Radio's host Scott Sheppard with in-depth interviews featuring special guests representing the industry's best photography and imaging experts.

  • Ditch Auto: Unlocking Manual Photography

    Welcome to the new Ditch Auto Podcast. This video podcast is dedicated to helping photography enthusiasts get out of auto mode and use manual features of their cameras. This podcast is not simply about DSLR Cameras, it’s about getting out of automatic mode as a state of mind. This video introduces what is to come with the Ditch Auto Podcast. Make sure to subscribe on iTunes to get the latest videos each week.

  • Fotopodcast

    Ein runder Tisch der Fotografie

  • Blanton Museum: Harmonious Connections

    Harmonious Connections, a project by UT student Patty Huang, features original musical compositions created by graduate students from the UT Butler School of Music for select works of art in the Blanton Museum collection. These ekphrastic pieces are written as responses to, or depictions of, thematic and visual elements in these artworks, but also stand alone as individual works of art. These compositions create a living conversation between the visual and the aural—illustrating that various artistic mediums do not exist in a vacuum, but interact with each other. Discussion of these pieces will provide insight into the inherent fluidity existing between art, music, and all other mediums of expression.

  • : Verkehrte Welt. Das Jahrhundert von Hieronymus Bosch

    Dies ist der Audioguide zur Ausstellung "Verkehrte Welt. Das Jahrhundert von Hieronymus Bosch" des Bucerius Kunst Forums in Hamburg. Anlässlich des 500. Todesjahres von Hieronymus Bosch beleuchtet das Bucerius Kunst Forum, wie seine phantastischen Szenerien der Hölle und drastischen Schilderungen des Sündhaften die niederländische Kunst des 16. Jahrhunderts prägten. Gezeigt werden rund 90 Arbeiten von Künstlern der folgenden Generation, die Boschs Bildsprache aufgriffen, über die Druckgraphik verbreiteten und weiterentwickelten.

  • Nashville PUG » Podcast Feed

    Nashville Pictage User Group - Podcast

  • 90 Days to MoMA

    My name is Blake Jamieson. I’m an ex-digital marketer, turned full-time artist. You might recognize me as the guy who “hacked Tinder” for thousands of matches, and world record holder for the most matches in the world. Or you might not have ever heard of me. But one thing is for certain, you haven’t heard of me because of my art. That is all about to change. I am breaking into the San Francisco art scene, and getting my art into San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MoMA) in just 90 days. From June 1 until August 31, 2016, I’ve invited a videographer to move in with me to document the progress. We are publishing one short film every day, so you can watch the journey in (near) real time.

  • It's Comic Book Day!

    It's Comic Book Day features Eisner Award-winning sci-fi, fantasy and horror illustrator Dave Dorman, and his wife, a longtime marketer, creative and publicist for the arts and entertainment field, Denise Dorman. It's Comic Book Day is the place to find your unique weekly audio mash-up of insider perspective comic book and pop culture news and interviews.

  • : Venedig. Stadt der Künstler

    Dies ist der Audioguide zur Ausstellung "Venedig. Stadt der Künstler" des Bucerius Kunst Forums in Hamburg. Von 1500 bis zum Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts feierten die Maler Venedig als Stadt des Sehens: Wasser, Schiffe und Prozessionen boten einem großen Publikum immer ein Schauspiel. Nicht die Malerei der venezianischen Schule, sondern die intensive Erfahrung der Stadt und ihre malerischen Umsetzungen sind das Thema der Ausstellung. Sie präsentiert die Transformation des Venedig-Bildes von der Vedute Canalettos bis zu dem von Licht, Luft und Wasser abhängigen Wahrnehmungserlebnis bei Turner und Monet.

  • The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells

    Extraterrestrial invasion, the earth taken over by omniscient intelligences from Mars, the whole of humanity under siege and a nameless narrator who seems to be the lone survivor of the complete devastation of human civilization – scenes from a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster? Far from it! The War of the Worlds by HG Wells was written more than a century ago and went on to become an iconic work in the science fiction genre, spawning a whole new genre of literature featuring alien invaders. It was in fact the first book to present the idea of conflict between inhabitants of different planets. The story begins in an observatory in Ottershaw, when scientists note a series of mysterious explosions taking place on Mars. Some days later, the narrator who is on a walk on the Surrey Downs notices a weird cylindrical vehicle that suddenly opens to release a horde of hideous creatures who are later discovered to be Martians. The creatures are unable to breathe Earth's air and swiftly return to th


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