• Fundetumando Podcast

    Comunidad de jugones de videojuegos

  • WavesFM, a Pokemon Music Podcast

    WavesFM is a Pokemon podcast dedicated to the music of Pokemon. Join Alpha Remaster, PlatinumMaster and Alex Naveira as they go into detils about the history and analysis of the songs that make up Pokemon. WavesFM aims to inform viewers about the sounds that make up Pokemon in new ways that haven't been before. Join them live on Radio Whirlwind on Thursdays @ 8PM PST.

  • SideQuest Podcast

    We don't know how to do a podcast, but hey did Einstein know the Law of Relativity? Did Doc Brown know how to build a time-machine? Did the Kardashians become famous for no reason? I think not. So sit back, relax and enjoy this in your ear holes.

  • This Week In Gaming

    This Podcast was created using www.talkshoe.com

  • A and E

    Hello listeners my name is Austin and I will usually have my friend whose name is Eston along with other friends who will guest star. We are basically here to talk about anything we find interesting. We will go over news, topics, options and more so stay tuned and thanks for listening.

  • Pixel Pros Podcast

    A video game show produced by The Unoriginal Voice Productions

  • Lele and Coco

    Big mouths in a small town. We discuss a wide range of topics, from politics to the paranormal. Follow Us: Facebook- @leleandcoco Instagram- lelecocopodcast Email-lelecocopodcast@gmail.com Snapchat- lelecocopodcast

  • Pixel Music Radio Show - Radio Campus Paris

    Un dimanche sur deux de 20h à 21h Les geeks rencontrent les mélomanes dans l'émission musicale qui parle de jeux vidéo. Dernières B.O sorties, retours sur d'anciennes gloires, émissions scénarisées : découvrez le jeu vidéo par ses bandes originales et ses compositeurs !Parfois organisée en playlists thématiques, l'émission se concentre essentiellement sur la re-création sonore d'univers musicaludiques. De nombreux épisodes sont centrés sur un jeu, ou une saga - les musiques en constituent le fil rouge, étayé d'anecdotes, d'explications, et de remise en contexte sonore : extraits du jeu, bruitages, imbrication de la narration "radio" à la narration du jeu.> Voir tous les épisodes> Flux RSS> Abonnement iTunes

  • Anarchistelfliege

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