• Müstiline Venemaa

    "Müstiline Venemaa" on Venemaa ajaloole pühendatud saatesari, mis käsitleb eri külgi ja epohhe Venemaa ajaloo algusest kuni 20. sajandini. Vaatluse all on nii poliitiline ajalugu kui kultuurilugu. Saade on palju kordi valitud kuulajate poolt Vikerraadio lemmiksaateks. Saatejuht on David Vseviov. Saatel on ka Facebooki lehekülg , kust leiab lisamaterjali saates kõneldu kohta. Kuulake pühapäeviti kell 11.20 (kordus kell 21.20).

  • ACPEducate

    Podcast discussing all things in Advanced Practice for the FOAMEd community.

  • Klimat

    Sveriges Radios rapportering om klimatförändringarna och det globala arbetet för att minska dessa. Ansvarig utgivare: Olle Zachrison

  • Podcast - Straight Up Science

    We have access today to more knowledge than any human who has ever lived. Seems like a waste not to take advantage of that. Join Straight Up Science as we trace back our roots to the beginning of the universe. Episodes will cover all fields of science and are designed to be interesting to listeners with all levels of science background. For more information, visit www.thestraightupscience.com

  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Lectures

    Video and audio podcasts of various medical lectures and programs for medical staff.

  • UNKRAUT - Ihr Umweltmagazin

    Hartnäckig und hintergründig berichtet das Umweltmagazin UNKRAUT jeden 2. Montag über die neuesten Entwicklungen aus dem Bereich Umwelt- und Naturschutz in Bayern. UNKRAUT deckt Umweltsünden auf, spürt nach, was die Menschen bewegt und steht mit Rat und Tat zur Seite.

  • CyberForge Broadcast with Anil John

    CyberForge is an online broadcast that delivers an opinionated viewpoint on using cybersecurity research and development to build and enhance products, services and businesses.

  • Innovation Rising, Presented by Healthbox

    Innovation Rising, presented by Healthbox, examines the intersection of innovation and healthcare from a variety of viewpoints featuring interviews with the leaders who are moving our industry forward. The podcast is arranged in 3-episode series around a specific topic in healthcare or innovation. In each of the 3 episodes, we interview a hospital or health system using this innovation, an investor who has invested in this sector and their thoughts on why and the future of the sector, and finally an interview with a founder of a solution in this space, respectively.

  • UNC Department of Medicine: Chair's Corner

    Chair's Corner is an educational podcast hosted by Dr. Ron Falk, Department of Medicine Chair at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.

  • Sysiphus Speaks

    The Podcast of the Society for Science-Based Medicine


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