• So Not A Playa

    young filmmakers from austin, texas talk about film, music, the arts, trials of making films & life that comes up along the way.

  • Giant Geek vs. Mega n00b

    The good news: The internet has made it easier than ever to watch, read, play, or listen to just about anything ever made. The bad news: Same. It's easy to get buried, even for two of the biggest pop culture geeks we know: Ourselves. Giant Geek vs. Mega n00b is what happens when we try to make each other -- and everyone who wants to listen along -- discover the good stuff. Join us!

  • Straight Against the Curve

    Straight Against the Curve is a character design podcast by Pixar sketch artists, Deanna Marsigliese and Zaruhi Galstyan. Join Dee and Zar as they talk about their craft, interview their colleagues, and laugh a whole lot along the way!

  • Steve and Kevin Watch Anime So You Don't Have To

    Welcome, anime fans and foes, to Steve and Kevin Watch Anime So You Don't Have To! Join Kevin and Steve as they explore the weird world of Japanese cartoons two episodes at a time, encountering demons, magic, unwarranted sexual tension, and lots of goons.

  • Now Playing: The Ghost Rider Movie Retrospective Series

    With a flaming skull, a leather jacket, and a bad bike, Ghost Rider embraced the biker comics counterculture in the 70's and had a resurgance as a dark hero in the 90's. The first Ghost Rider film broke box office records, and now Nicholas Cage reprises his role as the devil's bounty hunter. And continuing their look back at all movies based on Marvel Comics heroes, and in anticipation of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Jakob, Stuart, and Arnie will be watching and reviewing both Ghost Rider films.

  • Neighborhood Watch

    Neighborhood Watch is a weekly podcast about the prolific children’s television program Sesame Street. The host, Michael Yanos, has dedicated an inappropriate amount of his time to watching each and every one of the 4000+ episodes and documenting his journey in an audio format.

  • Quality Time with Family Ties

    Quality Time with Family Ties is a weekly podcast in which three guys watch and review Family Ties - the '80s sitcom that made Michael J. Fox a star. Part of the Fanbase Press Podcast Network.

  • Channel 2 Radio

    When movies & TV shows come to film in the Nation's Capital, we're the guys who get the call. We do our official communication on Channel 1, leaving Channel 2 for our diabolical trash talk. Now through the science of podcasting, our stew of indignation need not be lost to history. We also throw in a healthy dose of movie, comic and nerd news, so we're likely to praise Marvel and bury DC in every show.

  • Cory and Katie Talk About Stuff

    Cory and Katie spend a lot of time talking. Now we record it. We'll be talking pop culture, current events, and general topics on our minds each month to which we hope you might be able to relate.

  • POV Podcasts | PBS

    POV brings a collection of documentary filmmakers, writers, historians, and others together for conversations about themes and topics relevant to POV's non-fiction films. Find out more about PBS's award-winning documentary film series at pbs.org/pov.


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