• Love Solutions by Dee

    Get Back your Ex now!

  • Andrew F. Robinson

    Welcome to the People Change People podcast. Who we are as unique individuals is the most influential element in our relationships. Our experience, training, credentials, and knowledge are all important, of course. But these offerings will find their place and be most helpful to others only when we are willing to bring our full selves to those we serve and care for. We hope you find this message helpful and encouraging in all your professional and personal relationships

  • STEPS to Value Podcast

    What defines HIT value? What actions drive its realization? In an age of boundless innovation & constrained budgets, optimizing the use of technology to realize clinical and operational benefits is a bottom-line necessity in both local & global markets. The HIMSS podcast series, STEPS to Value, highlights the stories of thought leaders who have successfully managed technology, organizational culture and policy to develop innovative processes that maximize the value of their technology investments.   

  • Positively Psychic

    We all have loved ones, guides, and guardian angels on the other side, who want to speak to us. Reassure us. And guide us through the complexities of our daily lives. On Positively Psychic, we’ll introduce you to the leading thinkers and authors on subjects of spirit communication………………….near death experiences, healing energy and other phenomena that supports the continuity of consciousness beyond our physical bodies.

  • Steve and Mike Radio

    We talk to everybody about everything


    A Show about how creating better Health can boost your Business life. Having Choices, making Changes and Committing to them works in all areas of your life. http://www.GettingAnchored.com This Podcast was created using www.talkshoe.com

  • 《谢谢你离开我》


  • Executive eMentor Podcast

    The HIMSS Professional Development, Career Services eExecutive Mentoring Podcast Series provides short audio interviews on career topics of interest to our members to support advancement toward senior-level, executive positions. Listen and gain the skills and expertise needed in a variety of health IT settings. Each month, a new podcast offers valuable insights from the HIMSS eExecutive mentors who share their experiences and provide guidance on advancing a career in health IT.

  • CKRL : Le maladoscope

    Le maladoscope ! Pour en savoir un peu plus sur ces grandes maladies qui nous touchent de près ou de loin : leurs impacts dans l'histoire, leurs actions sur nos corps, leurs marques dans l'art et la culture ! On terminera parfois cette émission en vous lisant des morceaux choisis du savoureux roman Journal d'un corps de Daniel Pennac.


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