• For the Love of Reiki

    My goal is that you will gain new knowledge and insight about Reiki, as well as gain your own self-empowerment. Every day, I wish to help others live with love and compassion, thus allowing their own blessings to manifest. Our show will be about Reiki. It will cover many different aspects of Reiki, and other topics that work with Reiki. Shamanism, nutrition, self-empowerment etc.brbr We’ll discuss how Reiki fits in with Western medicine and other alternative healing modalities (chiropractic, massage, SVH, etc.), Reiki in hospitals, and the tremendous effect it has in regard to surgeries, pain, and its role in healing, and its value to a Reiki practitioner, How Reiki aids in healing us physically and emotionally, discussion on our LEF (Luminous energy field, and Reiki is an energy healing modality) and discuss how our energy field, vibration, and intent play such a huge role in our health, happiness, and self-empowerment.

  • Adult Braces

    a podcast for healing and dealing

  • Sinerji

    Yasemin Yalçın Aktosun sizden gelen soruları cevaplıyor.

  • Optimum LifeStreams

    Optimum LifeStreams is all about healthy eating and living, organics and good food choices. Life enhancement expert Allan Hunkin and leading authorities and specialists discuss the latest research on, diet and weight management, longevity, nutrition, performance enhancement and right food choices. Sponsored by Natures' Path Foods (http://www.naturespath.com) makers of premium organic cereals, breads and other fine foods.

  • Between Two Dumbbells

    The number one source for bodybuilding

  • PetDr

    PetDr interviews leading authorities in veterinary and pet care. Both fun and informative, listening to this interview series is a must for loving pet parents, who want to ensure their furry family members' health, happiness, and well-being.

  • Podcast - 4th Dimension Podcast

    We just some people who have, or are currently, recovering from alcohol and drug addiction

  • Dr. Andrea Pennington Empowered for Life radio show.

    Dr Andrea Pennington is a popular integrative medicine and longevity doctor who takes her empowerment coaching and life transformation services global!

  • Health Affairs: Events

    Health Affairs events are open to the public and feature presentations by study authors as well as policy experts in the fields being discussed.

  • Luis Congdon

    Helping Couples and Singles find and keep the Love they Find. Welcome to the LastingLoveConnection Podcast. Featuring interviews with top experts in the relationships, sexuality, self-help, science, and marriage. LastingLoveConnection is for anyone who wants to know - How to make Love Last.


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