• Animal/Human Connection

    Welcome to this fun and feisty show. We are going to be doing some great shows about the human-animal connection. Share your story at http://www.ILovePetStories.com There will be lively interviews weekly with the best of animal experts--the people who love pets. We have some great shows in store, including; Companionship of a dog

  • Peace On Earth, Good-Will To Dogs by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott

    “If you don’t like Christmas stories, don’t read this one!And if you don’t like dogs I don’t know just what to advise you to do!For I warn you perfectly frankly that I am distinctly pro-dog and distinctly pro-Christmas, and would like to bring to this little story whatever whiff of fir-balsam I can cajole from the make-believe forest in my typewriter, and every glitter of tinsel, smudge of toy candle, crackle of wrapping paper, that my particular brand of brain and ink can conjure up on a single keyboard! And very large-sized dogs shall romp through every page! And the mercury shiver perpetually in the vicinity of zero! And every foot of earth be crusty-brown and bare with no white snow at all till the very last moment when you’d just about given up hope! And all the heart of the story is very,—oh very young!For purposes of propriety and general historical authenticity there are of course parents in the story. And one or two other oldish persons. But they all go away just as early in t

  • 小学生必读百科大系-社会

    亲爱的小读者,这套百科丛书可以一直用到十几岁。这是献给小朋友们的最有意义的礼物。 祝小朋友们学习六一儿童节快乐,在快乐中学习,在学习中找到乐趣。 每天更新连载1个章节,欢迎大家关注哦

  • C在9平米

    欢迎来听小C的电台! 栏目1:小姨睡前故事(原创小童话;窗边的小豆豆;绘本;故事知道怎么办) 栏目2:筱歌(原创音乐) 栏目3:练习曲(尤克里里弹唱) 栏目4:读歌(风情万种的歌) 栏目5:忆古思今(古文观止)

  • W Radio - RSS de [ Hoy por Hoy ]

    [ Archivo de Audio de Hoy por Hoy ] Noticias de la W. Audio en linea las 24 horas

  • Moshi Monsters on Fun Kids

    Get videos and interviews with your favourite Moshi Monsters like Katsuma and Poppet, see the best bits from Moshi Monsters: The Movie premiere and loads more from Monstro City. Fun Kids is a children's radio station in the UK. Tune in on DAB Digi

  • Kids' Potential Podcast

    100% Potenzialentfaltung für Kinder und Jugendliche ist meine und die treibende, intrinsische Motivation von Kids' Potential Club! Dafür braucht es Eltern und Wegbegleiter, die die Sprache der Ermutigung, Bestärkung und Bewunderung sprechen. Ich fühle mich dieser Sprache stark verbunden und verstehe mich als Übersetzerin, Trainerin, Coach und Netzwerkerin für alle Menschen, die unser wichtigstes gesellschaftliches Element, unsere Kinder, täglich begleiten. Ich liebe meine Herausforderungen als Potenzial-Archäologin, denn in jedem Menschen will Verborgenes gehoben und gesehen werden, um sich zu wunderbarer Einzigartigkeit zu entfalten! Folge mir in eine neue Welt der Begeisterung, Lebens- und Entdeckerfreude, der Motivation, Selbstwirksamkeit und der unendlich schöpferischen Möglichkeiten dieser, unserer jungen Generation, zu der auch Du gehörst oder die Du regelmäßig begleitest. Im Alleingang und auch in Interviews mit Kindern und Jugendlichen, weiteren Kinder- und Jugendcoaches, reno

  • Adam Bede by George Eliot

    A young carpenter falls in love with the village beauty. She, however, has set her sights on a dashing army captain who's the son of the wealthy local squire. Meanwhile, a beautiful and virtuous young woman preacher arrives in the village. What happens to these people and the strange twists and turns that their lives take are described in the rest of the book.

  • Tails from the Moat

    Bi-weekly round table discussion of Disney news.

  • Inside The Ears - An Unofficial Disney Podcast

    Join Pricilla Kumar in a magical journey into the Wonderful World of Disney where she explores everything from attractions at the parks to traveling trips, beloved Disney movies and of course some fine Disney Dining! This is a show that every Disney fan can enjoy! We sweep through dark Arabian nights with Aladdin on a magic carpet, tour the swampy land where pirates sing, take a tour through a dark and majestic Haunted Mansion and arrive at a castle of endless dreams..... Welcome to the Magic of Disney!


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