• NHJ Podcast

    The No Home Journal is a protean publication that treats hot-button and esoteric topics in a variety of formats. It is part of No Home Gallery, a nomadic gallery space in New York City that serves up-and-coming artists, curators, and hosts.

  • ICT in (active) learning

    on Online Educa Berlin 2007

  • Educational Broadcasting

    Educational Broadcasting

  • Drew to You: Applied history

    Lover of history, philosophy and science. Looking to share people and life lessons that have helped me get more meaning out of life. I tend to highlight individuals here and write about life tools that I have learned at drewroyster.com

  • Smart People Podcast

    Smart People Podcast is a weekly, interview-based podcast that features todays most well respected thought leaders engaging in authentic, insightful conversation for the benefit of the listener. The host, Chris Stemp, and his co-host/producer Jon Rojas, utilize their insatiable curiosity and relatable charm to provoke their guests into giving the interview of a lifetime. 

  • Sample podcasts for the educator

    Educational Technology related podcasts

  • Your Third Voice

    Your Third Voice Podcast is all about education and inspiration for your inner mentor. We have three voices. The first is the voice we use to speak. The second is the voice inside our mind, the one we use to talk to ourselves. The third is our inner mentor, our intuition, that guides the decisions for how we lead our lives. The aim of Your Third Voice is to be a guide for your inner mentor. We aim to provide the tools necessary for your inner mentor to learn and be inspired so you can grow, teach others and expand your experiences.

  • Parents Rule

    Pat Montgomery is a business owner, author, parent and grandparent who offers a loving, common sense approach to parenting. Pat?s book, Now You Know What I Know: Parenting Wisdom of a Grandmother offers great advice for parents and grandparents from her experiences raising her three children as a single mom. In one review, it was described in the following way: ?Montgomery offers pearls of parenting wisdom in an easy conversational style that is punctuated with real-life examples, grace, and humor.? Parents Rule! is designed for couples and individuals from the time you think you might want to be a parent all the way through being a grandparent. Pat believes that all parents need timely information and frequent encouragement for the amazingly wonderful and difficult job of being a parent. That is what Parents Rule! is all about, offering parents a place where you can receive the information you need and the understanding you crave.

  • Liberal Arts Endeavor

    The Liberal Arts Endeavor is a podcast by the College of Arts & Letters (CAL). Each episode throughout the academic year will feature a different Liberal Arts story within the College. Learn more at cal.msu.edu/about/podcasts


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