Senioritis Stories, No Morals

Paul Cathey

I have a voice recorder and should probably refrain from using it. This is my semi-fearless peak into the lives of teenagers at our High School in Chicago. The stories extend beyond the walls of education and take you into the heart of what it feels like to be a teenager who is wrapping up the time where immaturity and stress are the two main ingredients.

  • Winning Wining
    Hey gang, well I am back. And this one is happier than ever. Ha. "Well enjoy"!
    1 September 2009, 3:24 am
  • New Directions, College, Getting younger?
    I was talking to Camila last night, a lovely friend of mine who lives on the north side of chicago with her mother, step father, and oft-hard to please 3 year old brother. He picks a new favorite big kid every time we visit and through this elaborate story I have gained a reference for this new direction! I am using Camilla's recommendation going to make the podcast now a mixture of tales from college and mock high school musings of a young male sophomore having the time of his life angsting and wangsting after life. SO without further ado, as soon as I can figure out how to publish my shit again this thing will be rolling.
    29 August 2009, 2:58 am
  • The Days Gone By + Games that are Fly
    This is the preceding few weeks back to feb 20th. It includes games played in Latin, games of Romance, shames of doug, etc... I did not get a chance to include the ambiance of Ash Wednesday sadly. There is a little california though (camilla+wine+meh). The three poems are by three girls. One is Stephanie a Payton grad, one is the winning poem by the girl from Brown, the bike one is by a girl named George all three from the LOUDER THAN A BOMB poetry slam that changed my life last weekend in a few ways. If you want to contribute your own recordings of late- teendom drop us a line. The more the betterer...

    5 March 2009, 5:12 am
  • Amazing Life > Posting

    Sorry guys but life has been amazing so I have been too busy to post. But THank You all you ssnom faithful (I dont know if we are yet to the point of faith being a factor BUT ANYWAYS) hopefully later today I will have time to sit down and finish a real episode. I have been at Louder than a Bomb a youth poetry slam in chicago the last two days basically 180ing my life etc... Thank You for patience.
    1 March 2009, 3:23 pm
  • Lunch (2.5 Minutes) UPDATE (Joey Fishman)
    *UPDATE 2.18.09*
    Oh Kay, for those of you who enjoy sort of profound musical overtones in an otherwise seemingly mundane event, please enjoy Joey Fishman's fantastic remix of the original lunch!


    *Original 2.16.09*
    A story about me getting lunch presented as a LIVE recording:


    19 February 2009, 5:05 am
  • Talking to Charley (1.5 mins)
    Well as if I could resist! I "interviewed" Charley cause the way he talks is an accidental masterpiece. I was being an obnoxious end-of-the-day teenager but it is still good times. Thanks to joey for working on a remix for lunch RIGHT NOW!


    19 February 2009, 4:28 am
  • Looking 4 Talent

    Well right now I am working on a new post and trying to find kids who want to create some stories. Stick with us during this rough period of thoughts and decisions and the glorious light at the end of the tunnel shall be a cake or a pie or whatever you want it to be be. Relatively, it will be good for all.
    18 February 2009, 12:52 pm
  • Pub Pop Quiz (1 hour)
    Ben and I had the extreme pleasure of taking part in a Pub Pop Quiz with Ben's father tonight (and yes I was avoiding homework to go). We left around 7 and got back at 10. It was at Fado's downtown. Though I was bothered by the fact that an old Irish guy no longer runs it (replaced by a Brunette yuppie) it was fun and we nearly succeeded. If you have patience to listen to the whole thing or not please post.


    17 February 2009, 5:33 am
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