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Australian comedy duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee continue to taunt each other and their button-pusher Jack with a weekly show that is more about their listeners than it is about themselves. Hamish & Andy question and test the smaller things in life, no pondering too small. Visit  hamishandandy.com

  • 43 minutes 10 seconds
    2024 Ep 256 - The Ultimate Ear Witness

    The boys are dumbstruck as a tradie walks into the studio and interrupts the podcast... but was it really an accident? The guys play another edition of everybody's favourite pizza based guessing game, Pizza Lotto, and still wonder if Pino actually understands the rule. Bec drops her engagement ring in the toilet, and Hamish brings back Movie in a Minute with Oscar nominated French film, 'Anatomy of a Fall.'

    1. Pizza Lotto 
    2. Ear witness - Can you pick a voice in a line-up? 
    3. Washing new clothes before wearing them 
    4. Bec's engagement ring in the toilet 
    5. Movie in a minute - Anatomy of a Fall 

    12 June 2024, 2:00 pm
  • 44 minutes 48 seconds
    2024 Ep 255 - Guess Who's Coming To Hamish's House!

    Hamish has a very special guest coming to his house and asks the guys to guess who it might be. Liv comes down to Melbourne to showcase her Treadmill Special Skill - so how will she fare under the pressure of winning a coin? Andy thinks Bec is an Escape Room champion, and wants to see if she'd join a national team, and the guys go through the A-Z of special Aussie coins and wonder what took the spot for 'H.' 

    1. Guess who’s coming to Hamish's house 
    2. Liv the Milage Mindreader - Treadmill special skill 
    3. Will Bec compete in the escape room national championships? 
    4. Glasses are a scam 
    5. A - Z of Aussie commemorative coins 

    5 June 2024, 2:00 pm
  • 42 minutes 59 seconds
    2024 Ep 254 - The New Original Pranksters

    Hamish and Andy officially re-enter the prank game with Hamish's amazing hat prank finally being put to the test to some unsuspecting waiters at a cafe. Andy has an updates on acai bowl investment, which leaves the gang lamenting about their lost BitCoin again. Hamish has a question on an Uno ruling that caused a stir in his household, and some more of the most powerful power moves!

    1. The hat prank 
    2. Loose ends and bitcoin sadness 
    3. Power moves 
    4. Ultimate Uno ruling 

    29 May 2024, 2:00 pm
  • 43 minutes 28 seconds
    2024 Ep 253 - It's Andy's BIRTHWEEK!

    It's Andy's birthday week, so Hamish decides to tee up a special Please Andy segment. There's a scandal in the fragrance world as Cristiano Ronaldo might've stolen the show's signature scent. Andy received a bizarre survey from The Burnley Tunnel, and Hamish finally reveals the hats! 

    1. Please Andy 
    2. Burnley Tunnel recommendations 
    3. Hamish’s prank hat reveal 
    4. CR7 vs. Andy by Hamish 

    22 May 2024, 2:00 pm
  • 44 minutes 55 seconds
    2024 Ep 252 - A Hat Prank Development

    Hamish may have uncovered a breakthrough to connect with the Royal Mint, but on closer inspection it might not be great. Andy thinks there's a new type of awkward greeting and decides to explore it through song. The Hat Construction prank continues, with Hamish detailing the next steps, while also talking about bribing his daughter and accidentally making her one of the world's highest paid cyclists.

    1. A Royal Mint connection 
    2. Andy’s awkward ‘hi’ song 
    3. Hat construction progress 
    4. Your fastest corners 
    5. Power Moves 
    6. Rudy the high paid cyclist 

    15 May 2024, 2:00 pm
  • 40 minutes 49 seconds
    2024 Ep 251 - The most unconventional Chit Chat tactic yet

    Hamish starts the show with another finger-pointing fart investigation while Chit Chat Champions returns with the most unconventional player yet! Darcy finds himself back under the microscope, the boys are perplexed by a new commemorative coin on the market, they explore a potential fly-in special skill, and finish with a new corporate bonding exercise. 

    1. Fastest corners in your house / another fart investigation 
    2. Chit Chat Champions: Star Wars 
    3. Darcy under the microscope 
    4. NRL coins 
    5. Treadmill Special Skill - potential participant Olivia 
    6. Dogs looking at you while they poo 

    8 May 2024, 2:00 pm
  • 41 minutes 8 seconds
    2024 Ep 250 - Huge Andy News!

    Andy kicks off the show with some exciting news! Meanwhile, Hamish shares a story about a disgruntled customer at a car rental desk. Plus, Andy brings in some more school song bangers, and Hamish provides an update on the noise that's been disturbing Zoe's sleep. 

    1. Huge Andy news! 
    2. Rental car stand-off - ‘She’s had enough’ 
    3. School song bangers 
    4. Update on Zoe’s noise complaint 

    1 May 2024, 2:00 pm
  • 43 minutes 26 seconds
    2024 Ep 249 - The Most Powerful Member of the Podcast

    Listener Sarah knows Jim Chalmers' hairdresser, and gives us the inside scoop on his corporate cut. Andy thinks he knows who the most powerful person on the podcast is, and it's not who you'd think. Hamish's wife has a noise complaint that Hamish is determined to solve, and he also has an update on the amazing hat prank. 

    1. Power Moves 
    2. Jim Chalmers hairdresser connection 
    3. Hat prank update from Hamish 
    4. Who’s the podcast’s most powerful member? 
    5. Zoe’s noise complaint 

    24 April 2024, 2:00 pm
  • 41 minutes 54 seconds
    2024 Ep 248 - A Sleuth Within a Sleuthing - Sleuthception

    Hamish realises that if the show continues to call out confectionary related fails, then they should also celebrate all the chocolate heroes out there. Andy really struggles with giving advice to Bec, so gives Hamish & Jack a chance to prove their boyfriend capabilities. A local radio show is stealing segments from the podcast, Hamish has a car based game with his kids, and the listeners return to Upset Andy again. 

    1. Chocolate heroes 
    2. Boyfriend simulator 
    3. Upset Andy 
    4. Hamish’s Sandstorm blowhole game 
    5. Segment Sleuth - Jack rips off Song Sleuth 

    17 April 2024, 2:00 pm
  • 43 minutes 21 seconds
    2024 Ep 247 - The Amazing Hat Prank

    Hamish has discovered what may be the best prank ever in a kids magazine he bought for Sonny, while Andy thinks Bec might be too empathetic after an incident at the F1. Bernard jumps on the show to demonstrate his Bluey expertise against Bluey creator Joe Brumm, and The Royal Perth Mint delivers some tough blows. 

    1. Royal Perth Mint 
    2. Bec has too much empathy 
    3. Kids magazine hat prank 
    4. Bernard’s Bluey brilliance - special skill 
    5. Malteasers April Fools 

    10 April 2024, 2:00 pm
  • 41 minutes 31 seconds
    2024 Ep 246 - The Worst Keep It Or Delete It EVER!?

    Hamish brings a gripe to the table for the guys, talking about jokes he doesn't think his wife Zoe gives enough respect to. Tell Us Someone returns for 2024 and Andy's got a Keep It or Delete It that might be the worst thing ever brought to the show, plus some very powerful power moves! 

    1. Jokes your partner doesn’t respect 
    2. Power moves 
    3. Choccy news 
    4. Tell us someone we haven't thought of in a while 
    5. Keep it or Delete it - Only Farts 

    3 April 2024, 1:00 pm
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