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    Episode 1: Gary Lineker

    Plop plop – you’re FINALLY listening to TURDCAST!

    The first – and last – episode of the world’s number one number two podcast about turds sees Joe chat to Gary Lineker.

    In this special release, destined to be the only episode of Turdcast ever, Lineker talks to Joe about the now-legendary moment he ‘relieved’ himself on the pitch in England’s opening game of the 1990 World Cup in front of hundreds of millions of people, Gazza farting during team baths and more.

    Originally slated to launch in November last year, Lycett recorded the podcast as part of a stunt set up by the comedian for a Channel 4 documentary ‘Joe Lycett vs Sewage’, drawing attention to UK water companies spilling sewage into our seas and waterways. After a stunt in which Joe spilt fake sewage into Liverpool Docks and appeared to cancel the podcast launch in the fall out it was destined never to be released. Until now!

    Joe Lycett vs Sewage is on Channel 4 on Tuesday 20th February at 9pm and on

    Sign up to Joe’s poo promise at if you want the water companies to stop paying dividends and to invest that money in improving our waterways and sewage systems.

    19 February 2024, 9:51 am
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    Introducing Joe Lycett's Turdcast!

    Introducing Joe Lycett's Turdcast! It's the number 1 number 2 podcast - launching Friday 24th November.

    16 November 2023, 10:36 pm
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