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Longer Tables with José Andrés explores all the ways that food shapes our world and makes us who we are. In each episode, José talks to friends from the worlds of culinary and creative arts, politics, and media: Stacey Abrams, Ron Howard, Jane Goodall, Eric Ripert, and more. He also takes listeners into his home kitchen and answers their burning culinary questions. www.joseandres.substack.com Sales and Distribution by Lemonada Media https://lemonadamedia.com/  

  • 33 minutes 53 seconds
    Nancy Pelosi and Ana Navarro: Breaking bread in divisive times

    Recorded live at the Lincoln Theatre, the former House Speaker and co-host of "The View" talk with José about navigating this bitter political moment, the coming election and the simplicity of chocolate for breakfast.

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    28 May 2024, 5:30 am
  • 32 minutes 50 seconds
    Marcus Samuelsson On race in the kitchen and the pandemic's silver lining(1)

    On this episode -- originally released in 2022 -- José talks to chef Marcus Samuelsson about his journey from Ethiopia to Sweden to the finest kitchens of Europe and New York and how the pandemic gave him new purpose. Plus José makes surprisingly easy appetizers with velvety smoked salmon.

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    21 May 2024, 3:16 pm
  • 37 minutes 40 seconds
    Frank Bruni: What an era of grievance means for longer tables

    The longtime New York Times columnist, bestselling author and recovering professional eater discusses his new book, The Age of Grievance. A culture of excessive complaining has taken root, Bruni argues, with implications from the voting booth to the kitchen table. Also: What it's really like becoming the restaurant critic for the most important newspaper in the world.

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    14 May 2024, 7:30 am
  • 27 minutes 36 seconds
    A memorial for those we lost

    This episode is devoted to José's words at the World Central Kitchen Interfaith Memorial, in honor of the seven workers killed on April 1, in Gaza. The speech was recorded live at the Washington National Cathedral. A short performance by Yo-Yo Ma follows.

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    30 April 2024, 7:30 am
  • 42 minutes 45 seconds
    Michael Pollan: The state of food, the fate of a pig

    The acclaimed author of The Omnivore's Dilemma, The Botany of Desire and other classics discusses his own culinary history, the Biden Administration's record on food, and "Food, Inc. 2" -- a sequel to the Oscar-nominated documentary. He also tells the unforgettable tale of a pig named Kosher.

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    16 April 2024, 7:30 am
  • 26 minutes 56 seconds
    Kristen Kish: Real talk with the new "Top Chef" co-host

    Adopted at four months, Kristen moved from Korea to a new life in Michigan -- one that increasingly found meaning and purpose with food and community. Chatting live at the Cayman Cookout, she and José discuss how she found her identity...and the life-changing moment she learned she'd be taking Padma Lakshmi's place on "Top Chef."

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    2 April 2024, 7:30 am
  • 36 minutes 31 seconds
    Bryan Cranston: On breaking into bad, and life's unexpected turns

    Everyone's favorite chemistry teacher discusses life before and after Walter White, from his budding law enforcement career to life in Hollywood -- and in mezcal. If you love Bryan Cranston as much a we do, you can also see him on José's new Prime Video special, Dinner Party Diaries with José Andrés, where mezcal is enjoyed.

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    19 March 2024, 7:30 am
  • 33 minutes 32 seconds
    Dan Pashman: Nothing is impastable

    From inventing pasta shapes to assessing ideal sandwich shapes, the beloved "Sporkful" host has created a taxonomy of bites all his own. Executive producer Jane Black grills Pashman on the singular food universe he inhabits.

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    5 March 2024, 8:30 am
  • 31 minutes 59 seconds
    Trần Anh Hùng: Behind the delectable scenes with the "Taste of Things" director

    True, the celebrated filmmaker's seventh feature is a gorgeous and smoldering 19th century French romantic drama. But the film doubles as one of the most intimate, sensuous studies of a kitchen to be captured on celluloid. Hùng, who won best director at Cannes, pulls back the curtain this week with executive producer Jane Black.

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    20 February 2024, 8:30 am
  • 24 minutes 23 seconds
    Kwame Onwuachi: From subway slinging to best restaurant in NYC

    Nobody cooks like Kwame. Then again, nobody's story is like his, either. The man behind Tatiana -- and author of the stunning memoir Notes from a Young Black Chef -- opens up to José about his unlikely path to success. Recorded live at the Cayman Cookout.

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    6 February 2024, 8:30 am
  • 47 minutes 34 seconds
    We Need To Talk About Intuitive Eating

    Introducing Pressure Cooker, a James Beard award-winning podcast about parenthood, feeding kids and how it all became so complicated from José Andrés Media. Hosted by veteran journalists Jane Black (also Longer Tables executive producer!) and Liz Dunn, Pressure Cooker explores the thorniest topics related to how we feed our kids: How picky eating became a modern phenomenon. The secret history of the dinosaur chicken nugget. The truth about kids' vitamins. How AI can really help you get dinner on the table.

    This week's show focuses on intuitive eating, the popular new anti-diet philosophy, recommends serving candy with dinner and letting kids eat whenever and whatever they want.  Is this hands-off approach the best way to escape toxic diet culture? Or … is intuitive eating just another food fad?

    Listen, and if you like it, we hope you'll subscribe on Apple or follow us on Spotify. You can also find the show on Instagram at @pressurecook_fm


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    30 January 2024, 8:30 am
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