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    1371 - The House Voted Passed a Bill That Could Bring Back 100% Bonus Depreciation—Here’s What Investors Need to Know by Lindsay Frankel

    At the end of January, the House passed legislation that would extend some of the provisions of Trump’s 2017 tax bill and expand the Child Tax Credit (CTC), along with other tax reform measures. 

    If passed by the Senate and signed into law by President Biden, the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024 would allow real estate investors to continue to claim 100% bonus depreciation, elect to expense depreciable business assets up to an increased limit, and potentially deduct business interest up to a higher limit. The Act would also restore domestic research or experimental costs expensing. 

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    16 July 2024, 6:00 am
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    1370 - Don’t Skimp: Using a Free Lease Template Will Cost You More in the Long Run by Corby Goade

    One of the questions we see on the BiggerPockets forums over and over again is, “Where do I find a good lease document?” 

    When people ask that question, they really don’t mean that they want a good lease document. What they mean is they want a free lease document.

    The truth is that leases are really the most important investment you’ll make when starting your career as a self-managing real estate investor. The free leases that self-managers share are likely to be the most expensive option you’ll find in the long run. 

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    15 July 2024, 6:00 am
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    1369 - How Much Money Is Enough to Make You Happy? Most Americans Say $284,000, Others Say $1.2 Million by Whitney Hutten

    In the ongoing quest for happiness, a recent Empower poll disclosed that around 60% of Americans believe money can indeed buy happiness

    However, the dynamics of money’s role vary from person to person. For 67% of respondents, happiness hinges on the ability to pay bills on time, while more than half prioritize living debt-free and enjoying luxury without financial worry. Another 45% see homeownership as integral to their path to happiness.

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    14 July 2024, 6:00 am
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    1368 - AI Tools Can Save You 10 Hours Per Week If You Use Them Right—Here’s How by Liz Zack

    You can’t scroll through your daily news feed these days without seeing story after story about the impact of generative AI on virtually any and all industries. It’s here, and the good news is it can be an incredibly useful tool in real estate. 

    According to a recent analysis by McKinsey Global Institute, “In our own work with AI, we have seen real estate companies gain over 10% or more in net operating income through more efficient operating models, stronger customer experience, tenant retention, new revenue streams, and smarter asset selection.” 

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    13 July 2024, 6:00 am
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    1367 - What I Learned From National Retailers to Decide What and Where to Invest—And How You Can Do It Too by Eric Fernwood

    In 2005, I decided to start an investor services business. I reviewed all the popular investing literature. What I found were self-professed experts offering opinions and no processes. As an engineer, opinions hold little value.

    I shifted my research focus to the commercial sector, where I found rigorous processes that resonated with me. I discovered that retail store location selection and stocking methodologies are excellent guides to systematic residential investing.

    Here, I will explain how I use methodologies from national retailers to select properties that generate reliable income.

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    12 July 2024, 6:00 am
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    1366 - Now Is a Great Time to Go Hunting for Passive Multifamily Deals—Regardless of the Headlines by Tyler Moynihan

    In case you missed it, Scott Trench, CEO of BiggerPockets, wrote this thoughtful article: Multifamily Is at High Risk of Continuing Its Historic Crash in 2024—Here’s Why. Scott and I have been discussing this topic offline anyway, so I thought I would take him up on his invitation to debate the subject online. Healthy debate is what BiggerPockets is all about, right?

    I will start by saying I agree with most of what Scott wrote. I agree with most of his facts, the challenges facing the multifamily space, and especially the problems with many operators who have run into problems of late.

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    11 July 2024, 6:00 am
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    1365 - Virtual House Flipping by Chris Bibey

    Virtual house flipping can be an exciting, lucrative way to get involved in real estate investing. But as with as any type of investment, it’s important to understand the finer details to determine where you fit in. 

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    10 July 2024, 6:00 am
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    1364 - 9 First Year Mistakes Short-Term Rental Investors Should Avoid by Jasmine Brown

    Three years ago, I opened the doors of my guest room to travelers on Airbnb to offset my mortgage. What started as a way to supplement my living expenses evolved into a passion for creating 5-star guest experiences and led me to start Stay Peachy Homes, a short-term rental (STR) property management company that helps homeowners and investors maximize their property’s performance and remove the management hassle.

    However, like many first-time hosts, I made my fair share of mistakes in that first year. These errors not only taught me valuable lessons but also helped me fine-tune my approach to managing short-term rentals.

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    9 July 2024, 6:00 am
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    1363 - Mortgage Interest Tax Deductions 101 by Chris Bibey

    Do you enjoy filing your taxes? Of course you don’t. But there’s a silver lining. 

    Doing your taxes can be fun (or at least tolerable) when you understand how to make the best of your circumstances. Savvy investors know the power of taking advantage of every last deduction—within the limits of the law. 

    This leads to an important question: How much mortgage interest can I deduct on my taxes?

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    8 July 2024, 6:00 am
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    1362 - Could Rehab Loans Replace Hard Money Loans for Investors? By Jeff Vasishta

    As most house flippers or BRRRR landlords will tell you, paying for hard money—with high interest rates and points tacked on top—can take huge chunks of profit out of a project. For landlords, extra expenses are involved in making monthly payments and paying to refinance into a regular mortgage, further eroding the bottom line.

    It’s generally a big pain and a reason many would-be-flippers and landlords stay on the sidelines or prefer to find private lenders, content to get paid once a deal sells or secures long-term financing post-rehab.

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    7 July 2024, 6:00 am
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    1361 - Is Now a Better Time to Invest in Real Estate Debt or Equity? By G. Brian Davis

    Many investors assume that ownership is inherently safer than debt. I currently own equity in thousands of units and have invested six figures in real estate debts.

    I can tell you firsthand that it’s not—at least not always. 

    Still, real estate equity and debt investments serve different purposes in your portfolio. Before parsing the risks of equity versus debt investments in 2024, it’s worth reviewing the roles each plays.

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    6 July 2024, 6:00 am
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