There Are No Girls on the Internet


Marginalized voices have always been at the forefront of the internet, yet our stories often go overlooked. Bridget Todd chronicles our experiences online, and the ways marginalized voices have shaped the internet from the very beginning. We need monuments to all of the identities that make being online what it is. So let’s build them.

  • 1 December 2023, 9:35 pm

    TikTok cracks down on TikTokShop sellers!; Fake writers at Sports Illustrated; Quit fearmongering about Namedrop; Bumble + Tinder drop Facebook ads; Canadian news ban update – NEWS ROUNDUP

    49 minutes 19 seconds
  • 29 November 2023, 2:14 am

    Sam Altman’s OpenAI CEO drama shows the shortcomings of male leadership in tech

    40 minutes 12 seconds
  • 24 November 2023, 8:00 am

    Amanda Knox asks: Who gets to own their story? — Best of TANGOTI

    50 minutes 21 seconds
  • 22 November 2023, 12:34 am

    Elon Musk boosts antisemitic tweet and advertisers leave Twitter - Elon’s Media Matters lawsuit explained

    47 minutes 55 seconds
  • 17 November 2023, 11:38 pm

    PC Gamer can’t name a woman; Is Marvel blaming Black women for bad box office performance?; New AI rules on YouTube; Nikki Haley wants you to use your real name online — NEWS ROUNDUP

    59 minutes 22 seconds
  • 15 November 2023, 2:08 am

    Is TikTok becoming a dystopian QVC? (w/ PrettyCritical)

    38 minutes 27 seconds
  • 11 November 2023, 12:35 am

    SAG strike ends with AI concessions!; New Facebook whistleblower drops; Omegle shuts down; RIP Jezebel; The Future of Online Media – NEWS ROUNDUP

    55 minutes 17 seconds
  • 8 November 2023, 3:13 am

    Britney Spears released a hit memoir. Are bots shaping the conversation?

    30 minutes
  • 2 November 2023, 9:55 pm

    Biden’s executive order on AI protects privacy and boosts inclusion. Thank Black women like Dr. Joy Buolamwini.

    36 minutes 52 seconds
  • 31 October 2023, 7:31 am

    What’s your favorite scary movie? Scream, the 1996 horror classic, is a commentary on tech and media frights

    49 minutes 35 seconds
  • 27 October 2023, 8:27 pm

    Self-driving car company hid crash video; Gender discrimination at Google; Bipartisan agreement that Facebook is bad; What Gen-Z wants from media; Wage slavery is not your friend – NEWS ROUNDUP

    59 minutes 50 seconds
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