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Friarly, started as a classroom project back in the Fall of 2010. We wanted to promote the preaching of our student friars who have the opportunity every weekend to preach on the readings from the Lectionary. Here on Friarly, and through our podcast, we hope to engage with men and women around the world and to show them the passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we bring to this Friarly Life

  • 7 minutes 59 seconds
    Br. Dominick Jean, OP | Love Alone Will Save Us

    Br. Dominick Jean, OP, preaches on the Second Reading from 1st John for the 6th Sunday of Easter.

    What and who do you love?

    St. Augustine famously said that we become that which we love. The natural movement of love draws us out of ourselves and towards and into another. Do we love our own power or opinions? Do we love wealth and what wealth brings us? Or do we love God and what God loves?

    If we love God we shall be united with God, but if we love earthly things we will be united with earthly things and die like them.

    Only love rightly ordered to God and what God loves can save us. Only love.

    10 May 2021, 2:36 am
  • 7 minutes 24 seconds
    Br. Andrew Martin del Valle, OP | Challenged to Conversion

    Br. Andrew Martin del Valle, OP, preaches on the First Reading from Acts for the 6th Sunday of Easter.  One of the great themes we see in Acts of the Apostles is that of conversion. And not merely the conversion of those like Cornelius in Acts, but Peter himself.   We are all challenged to ongoing conversion each day of our lives. Can we accept the challenge, the risk, that comes with conforming more and more to Christ?

    9 May 2021, 2:48 am
  • 4 minutes 48 seconds
    Br. Hoang Ngyuen, OP | Children of God

    Br. Hoang preaches on the Second Reading for the 4th Sunday of Easter.  In the Second Reading for this Sunday we hear about what it means to be in union and relationship with God.  God calls us to become not merely servants but his very own children. Dare we enter into that relationship?

    26 April 2021, 3:13 am
  • 6 minutes 34 seconds
    Br. Peter Lewitzke, OP | Whom Do We Preach?

    Br. Peter Lewitzke, OP, preaches on the First Reading for the 4th Sunday of Easter  When we stand up and preach about our Faith who is it we are speaking about? Whom do we preach?  Often we preach ourselves and an image of God in our own image. Peter in the Acts of the Apostles shows us the way though. Peter knows the one whom he preaches and whom all the Apostles preach and his name is and must always be Jesus.

    26 April 2021, 3:09 am
  • 8 minutes 6 seconds
    See You In The Square | 3rd Sunday of Easter

    We're called to witness to Christ in the public square; why are we so often like Peter in the upper room? Dcn. James Pierce invites us to look at Peter's journey from the Upper Room to the public square, so that we might imitate Peter's journey and invite others to share in the Risen Lord.

    18 April 2021, 5:12 pm
  • 5 minutes 50 seconds
    Br. Joseph van Havermaet OP | Called, Chosen, Changed

    The Apostles were imperfect men, men who ran away and denied Jesus, and yet Jesus called them back, he chose them, and in their encounter with Christ and their acceptance of the Holy Spirit they were changed forever. And when they embraced this gift, Christ changed the world through them.

    11 April 2021, 3:17 am
  • 7 minutes 2 seconds
    Br. Dominick Jean, OP | Tragedy or Fairy tale?

    Br. Dominick Jean, OP, preaches on Philippians 2:6-11 for Palm Sunday.   Through the Incarnation Christ has written himself into the story of our world, transforming our lives from a tragedy into a fairy tale but with one important difference from all other fairy tales: this one is true.

    29 March 2021, 4:55 am
  • 6 minutes 49 seconds
    Br. Andrew Martin del Valle, OP | Why we Preach

    Br. Andrew Martin preaches on Isaiah 50:4-7 for Palm Sunday.

    Why do we preach? The world and the culture around us are, at best, apathetic to the Faith, and at worst openly hostile. It is an exhausting and wearisome enterprise.

    And yet we preach the Word which Is Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh. Jesus who took upon himself our own weariness, our own exhaustion and our own humiliations.

    Why would we not want to preach this Word?

    28 March 2021, 4:12 pm
  • 10 minutes 8 seconds
    An Image Written On Our Hearts | 5th Sunday of Lent

    Christ has written His image on our hearts, and He’s invited us to share His image. Dcn. James Pierce invites us to see ourselves as sharing in Christ’s mission; not being afraid to let Jesus lead us to the cross, and to trust that we are welcome to share in His resurrection.

    21 March 2021, 4:36 pm
  • 5 minutes 33 seconds
    Br. Hoang Nguyen, OP | Covenant & Conscience

    Br. Hoang Nguyen, OP, preaches on the Jeremiah 11:18-20 for the 5th Sunday of Lent.  Br. Hoang reminds us all that God no longer writes on stone tablets but upon our hearts and that we are called to embrace the law that God writes there by forming our consciences in accordance with that new and far more grace-filled covenant.

    21 March 2021, 2:33 am
  • 6 minutes 17 seconds
    Br. Peter Lewitzke, OP | Dead in Sin, Alive in Christ

    Br. Peter Lewitzke, OP, preaches on Ephesians 2:4-10 for the 4th Sunday of Lent.

    Whil we often say that we are saved through Christ it is so easy for us to slip into ways of thinking where we beleive that we can somehow give life to ourselves. But always we must remember: we were truly dead without Christ and we live only through Him. We are His handiwork.

    15 March 2021, 1:40 am
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