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Insight Out is a podcast and video series hosted by award-winning filmmaker and green tech executive Billy Samoa Saleebey.  Through interviews and case studies, Saleebey examines how transformational insights have helped propel the lives and careers of exceptionally successful individuals.  These major breakthroughs teach valuable lessons that will help professionals, business leaders, and entrepreneurs advance their career, business, or life! 

  • 58 minutes 17 seconds
    Elevate Your Branding Game - David Brier

    Branding is the art of differentiation says my guest today David Brier. Shark Tank's Daymond John says "he’s brilliant with branding" and Grant Cardone says "he is a branding genius who will revolutionize the way you do branding."

    Author of the book Brand Intervention, the title says it all. He’s not afraid to help companies realize they need a brand makeover to help make them stand out from the crowd. 

    An artist and designer at heart, David’s been in the branding biz for over 40 years and shares his wisdom and insights in this episode.

    He has a passion for helping companies rise above the noise by giving them the guidance they need to stand out and be different!

    Here's just a sample of some of the topics we cover:

    • The importance of thinking BIG!
    • The only thing week worse than weak coffee is weak branding
    • The role of storytelling in branding
    • Why it's important to own the revolution you are bringing into the world
    • Why we should think about branding like a blind date
    • Why “good karma” not enough?
    • The reason he has an allergic reaction to cliches
    • His story about custom-designed sneakers that got the attention of Gary Vaynerchuk

    David's website:


    Social media:



    Links and Resources

    15:58 “The microphone didn't make the Beatles sound good but the Beatles made microphone sound good”

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    This is an encore episode and was originally published on November 9, 2020

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    13 July 2024, 8:00 am
  • 54 minutes 14 seconds
    Why Community is the Heart of Your Brand - Mark Schaefer

    Are you looking to create an emotional connection with your customers? Have you ever considered the power of belonging to a brand? This week, Mark Schaefer is back to Insight Out to share insights on how to build meaningful relationships with customers and how this can lead to success. As a young boy feeling isolated and alone at a new school, Mark found his place in the community by trying out for the school play, which boosted his confidence and personality. Through his research and experiences, Mark discovered that mental health is a significant megatrend globally, and communities can provide a sense of belonging and purpose. In his latest book, "Belonging to the Brand: Why Community is the Last Great Marketing Strategy," Mark shares his findings on the psychology of community and its effectiveness as a brand marketing strategy. He emphasizes that many businesses overlook the opportunity to connect with customers on an emotional level rather than a transactional one. Mark learned that creating emotionally connected environments within a community can lead to strong loyalty and trust in the brand, making it a more powerful strategy than merely selling products.

    Meet Mark Schaefer, Mark is one of the world’s leading marketing futurists, keynote speakers, and university educator, He is the author of several successful books, such as 'Known', 'Marketing Rebellion', 'The Content Code', 'Return on Influence', 'The Tao of Twitter', and 'Social Media Explained', and his latest book 'Belonging to the Brand: Why Community is the Last Great Marketing Strategy', which seeks to explore the value of community and how it can be used as a powerful marketing strategy. He is the perfect person to explore if you want to learn how to create a loyal customer community and gain a competitive edge in the market. 

    Tune in to hear what Mark has to say about Brand Loyalty.

    In this episode, you will learn the following:

    • How Mark Schaefer found a sense of community at a young age. (00:03:55)
    • Why it's important to recognize the emotional connections and how they can be used to create a loyal following. (00:11:37)
    • Creating a purpose for people to gather around that goes beyond product differentiation. (00:15:45)
    • The difference between an audience and a community, and How Creating an emotionally connected environment for customers to foster loyalty and trust. (00:24:40)
    • How do brands learn about their customers? (00:31:13)
    • The leadership mindset in a community and how important it is to be seen in the community (00:37:45)
    • Mark’s vantage point about Chat-GPT

    Notable quotes: 

    • ‘’Your long-term health and viability as a human being depend on meaningful human relationships. The conclusion of the study was loneliness kills’’ - Mark (00:13:10)
    • “An audience is why we're able to sell things. However, an audience is also sort of like a cult of personality. If I go away, the audience goes away. If you go away, your podcast goes away’” - Mark (00:25:10)
    • “looking at a community through the brand Market value instead of a transactional value will make you more successful” - Mark (00:29:16)
    • “The key component of a successful community is safety” - Mark (00:38:10)
    • “Creativity is the single best business case for diversity ever because you combine boxes, you combine experiences, and perspectives” - Mark (00:41:45) 

    Resources & Links:

    Mark’s Website:

    Mark’s Podcasts:

    The Marketing Companion

    Mark on Social Media:

    Billy Samoa Saleebey 


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    This is an encore episode and was originally published on February 04, 2023

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    6 July 2024, 12:42 pm
  • 1 hour 17 seconds
    From Zero to a Million Followers in 30 Days - Brendan Kane

    One million followers in 30 days…sounds crazy, right? Not if you’re my guest today. Brendan Kane is a growth hacker for Fortune 500 corporations, brands, and celebrities like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katie Couric to name a few. 

    He got his start in the entertainment world and elevated to Vice President of Digital for Paramount Pictures. He is now the best-selling author of the book One Million Followers and just released his second book Hook Point: How to Stand Out in a 3-Second World

    Highlights from our conversation:

    • What a "hook point" is and why it is so valuable to understand how to use them
    • How Taylor Swift turns fans into brand advocates
    • Why the testing is so vital (3 part testing equation)
    • Why we need to focus on pattern interruption in this noisy world
    • Misconceptions from his book 
    • Characteristics of shareable content
    • Facebook as a market research tool 
    • Why we shouldn't ignore emerging markets
    • Working with Katie Couric on over 200 celebrity interviews

    You can find Brenden:


    Email: [email protected]

    Books: One Million Followers and Hook Point

    Social Media:

    Links and Resources

    30:20 Contagious: Why Things Catch On

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    This is an encore episode and was originally published on November 2, 2020

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    28 June 2024, 5:00 pm
  • 43 minutes 58 seconds
    How to Elevate Your Brand Through Influence with Neal Schaffer

    We are living in the Age of Influence

    After learning about my guest through fellow podcaster and friend Dan Nestle, I became deeply curious about how and why influence matters in today’s world. Neal Schaffer is the author of Age of Influence and for the last decade has become a globally recognized leader in the social media and digital marketing space. Having written multiple books on social media and networking, Neal is a leading voice.

    His successful podcast, Maximize Your Social Influence dives into all things social and digital.

    In this episode, we talk about themes from his latest book that help to illustrate the enormous power of influencer marketing.

    We learn why word of mouth is still the currency that is most valuable and why social media plays a critical role in inciting it!

    He shares why being a celebrity is no longer the type of influencer brands need to find customers. He talks about the value of finding a community and how even micro-influencers play a critical role because of their relevance in specific areas. 

    We even explore how various regions around the world, like China and Japan, are at different places when it comes to embracing influencer marketing. This show, and his book, isn’t about what it takes to be an influencer, but rather provides insights about and embraces the voice of influencers to enhance your brand. 




    Social Media: 

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    This is an encore episode and was originally published on January 4, 2021.

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    22 June 2024, 5:39 am
  • 56 minutes 17 seconds
    Building Your Reputation as an Authority with Mark Schaefer

    Check out this week's episode of Insight Out with my guest Mark Schaefer!

     One of my favorite episodes of Insight Out is my conversation with John Espirian. During that interview, he mentioned his mentor was a guy named Mark Schaefer.

     Since I respect John so much, I decided to read Mark’s book Known, and invite him on the show. Fortunately for me (and you)…he said yes. This episode is our conversation.

    Mark is a globally-recognized blogger, speaker, and author of seven best-selling books: 

    ·        Social Media Explained

    ·        Return On Influence

    ·        Born to Blog

    ·        The Content Code

    ·        The Tao of Twitter 

    ·        KNOWN: The Handbook for Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age, 

    ·        Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins

    He is the co-host of The Marketing Companion, one of the top 10 marketing podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

    He is in the Top 10 of the most re-tweeted marketing authorities in the world and was listed as one of the Top 10 authorities on Social Selling by Forbes.

    He is among the world’s most recognized social media authorities and has been a keynote speaker at some of the most prominent conferences in the world. 

    Needless to say, his work has landed pretty much every noteworthy publication including the Wall Street Journal, Wired, The New York Times, CNN, and The Harvard Business Review. 

    It is an honor to have Mark on Insight Out, as we explore the themes from his book Known that will help you on your path to becoming an authority in your space through personal branding, content, and an ability to stand out in a noisy world. This was a fascinating conversation and even explores some emerging trends like nostalgia marketing and synthetic influencers that may just blow you away. 


    Mark's Website:

    Mark's Podcasts:

    The Marketing Companion

    Mark on Social Media:


    Mark's Email:

    [email protected]

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    This is an encore episode and was originally published on December 28, 2020.

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    14 June 2024, 8:00 am
  • 26 minutes 9 seconds
    The Success Recipe of the Original Shark from Shark Tank - Kevin Harrington

    Get ready to dive into the life and mind of the original Shark from "Shark Tank," the man who's sold over 500 products and raked in billions, Kevin Harrington. We're unpacking his journey from the roots of entrepreneurship to the creation of infomercials, alongside strategies to build killer dream teams and sell products that make you say, "I need that in my life.”

    Meet the legend himself, Kevin Harrington—an American entrepreneur and business executive. He has been a successful entrepreneur for over the last 40 years, with his influence extending globally, inspiring aspiring business minds through impactful books like 'Mentor to Millions.' From the groundbreaking creation of the first-ever 30-minute infomercial to his pivotal role on "Shark Tank," his journey is nothing short of epic.

    So, get your notepad out, because Kevin's sharing knowledge gems that'll level up your game in the world of business. Tune in, take notes, and let's ride this wave of entrepreneurial wisdom together!

    In This Episode:

    • Kevin's Early Entrepreneurship and Father's Mentorship - (02:48)
    • Kevin's Discovery of Opportunity - (05:00)
    • Kevin's Expansion into Global Markets - (06:28)
    • From Screen to Success: Kevin's Journey with Iconic Infomercials - (07:32)
    • Kevin's Smooth Transition to "Shark Tank" - (08:04)
    • Taking Action Without a Perfect Plan - (12:00)
    • Pitching Strategies: Tease, Please, Seize - (13:45)
    • Importance of Magical Transformations in Products - (17:18)
    • Identifying Profitable Products - (18:17)
    • Building a Dream Team - (20:00)
    • Where to Learn from Kevin - (21:39)

    Notable quotes:

    • “Test before you invest” (13:45) - Kevin
    • “Tease them, please them, and then seize them." (14:10) - Kevin 
    • “Surround yourself with experts" (20:54) - Kevin

    Resources and Links

    Kevin Harrington



    Podcast: SharkPreneur

    Insight Out

    This is an encore episode and was originally published on November 25, 2023

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    7 June 2024, 9:00 am
  • 1 hour 8 minutes
    From 70K to 30M: The Dugout Mugs Story with Kris Dehnert

    The dash. That tiny line between the day you enter and the day we depart this life. It’s a tiny line, but make no mistake about it, finding the meaning within it is the most powerful thing you’ll ever do. Today, we spend time with Kris Dehnert, a man who truly understands the value of time and how to get the most out of it.

    Kris is a self-described grinder and successful serial entrepreneur who began honing his immense business chops at a young age. He’s also a master marketer and communicator who understands which questions to ask to unlock the doors that turn a small idea into a big deal. Kris is the CEO and Co-Founder of Dugout Mugs; an innovative company that sells baseball bat drinking mugs that has taken the sports world by storm.

    The road Kris has taken to success has not always been easy, but he’s grateful for the lessons he learned along the way. The beauty of his journey is that he has held on to those lessons and now freely shares them with others, looking to unlock the vast potential that lives inside! He’s an entrepreneur, a father, husband, and a true inspiration. If you’re stuck in a rut, trying to cut through the noise and figure out how to get aligned, and make your next move your best one yet, pull up a seat because this episode is for you!


    In this episode, you’ll learn the following:

    · Where the drive to tap into his potential began and the origins of his work ethic. (4:00).

    · What got you here, won’t take you there. (9:00).

    · How Kris leverages his superpowers to drive success for him and others. (13:32)

    · Kris discusses The Warrior Phase of Life. – (18:53).

    · Going all-in and making the move for Dugout Mugs. (23:07).

    · The value of knowing your lane and driving in only your lane. – (27:09).

    · The art of showing up with the intention of being memorable. (34:00).

    · Why painting the picture of your corporate vison matters. (42:50).

    · Kris discusses the importance of time and making the most of it. (50:50).

    ·   The power of operating and living in alignment consistently. (51:53).

    ·   The illusion of time and money. (54:33).

    ·   The next BIGG thing for Kris. (57:11).

    ·   Why focusing on your weaknesses is bad advice. (59:11).

    ·   Finding and celebrating your win. (1:02:52)

    Notable Quotes:

    ·   “In a world that’s packed full of nothing but laziness and excuses right now, it’s the truth. I wasn’t raised that way.” - Kris

    ·   “You’re kind of born with the entrepreneurial spirit”. – Kris

    ·   “Down the road isn’t always that far down the road”. – Kris

    ·   “You need to be important to who’s important.” – Kris

    ·   Good day with bad people still sucks. A bad day with good people is still fun. And if you have a good day with good people, bro, that’s gold!” – Kris

    ·   “So many people choose to do the things that make them miserable, and they become resentful.” – Billy

    ·   “I act because I believe, I belong there.” – Kris

    ·   “Give direction, not directions.” – Kris

    ·   “When it’s all said and done the one great equalizer that we all have is time.” - Billy


    Resources and Links

    Insight Out

    · Insight Out Show – Website

    · Insight Out Show - Linkedin

    · Insight Out Show – Patreon


    Kris Dehnert

    ·    Kris Dehnert – Linkedin

    ·    Dugout Mugs – Website

    ·    Dugout Mugs - Facebook

    ·    Dugout Mugs - Instagram

    This is an encore episode and was originally published on September 08, 2023

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    31 May 2024, 9:25 am
  • 1 hour 3 minutes
    From Barista to Owner of Biggby Coffee - Mike McFall’s Story

    After starting as a barista in 1996 to becoming the co-founder, owner, and Co-CEO of Biggby Coffee, this week’s guest on Insight Out is Mike McFall, a growth-minded entrepreneur that believes in the power of self-awareness, positivity, and conscious capitalism as the core values of a successful business. 

    His book, Grind: A No-Bullshit Approach to Take Your Business from Concept to Cash Flow, focuses on the importance of revenue and practical ways to build cash flow in a budding company. He also explores his philosophy that business requires us to be aggressive and simultaneously self-aware. 

    In this episode, Mike and I discuss the road to becoming CEO of a successful corporation, why conscious capitalism and company culture are at the core of employee retention, why focus is a critical component in building a business, and more.

    In this episode, we discuss:

    • The key lessons that sailing around the world at 16 taught Mike (3:40)
    • Mike’s journey as a Red Wings fan and the importance of visioning work (5:43)
    • A breakdown of the visualization process (10:06)
    • How Mike was introduced to conscious capitalism and the way it transformed his business (13:10)
    • How Mike became partners with Bob Fish (23:44)
    • The importance of competition in business (27:28)
    • Why self awareness is a critical component of your business (29:43)
    • How to ask for valuable feedback (33:10)
    • The biggest contributor to Biggby Coffee’s success (35:41)
    • Mike’s advice for aspiring or current business owners (38:26) 
    • Why entrepreneurs need to be like the sun (44:30) 
    • Mike’s approach to fostering a people-first company (48:07)
    • How to develop company culture that respects the employees (51:37)
    • Where to find Mike McFall and his final word of advice (56:35) 

    Notable Quotes:

    • “When you say something enough, you begin to hear yourself say it, other people hear you say it, and they can support you. And it helps to reaffirm that you’re on the course to go where you want to go.” – Billy (9:26)
    • “The real root of conscious capitalism is that it’s an inclusive environment where you don’t make tradeoffs between these different components and that you make decisions that everyone benefits from.” – Mike (20:29) 
    • “Your self awareness is the most critical component to the success of your business.” – Mike (30:31) 
    • “In the end it’s not about revenue. What it’s about is it’s about improving, and it’s an obsession with improvement. And when we obsess with improvement… the revenue generation, the growth, is a subset of the obsession with improvement.” – Mike (42:34)
    • “Leadership is about setting the example and then living within that constantly.” – Mike (47:16)
    • “In the end, people just want to be around other people who they relate to and they feel a connection to as another human being.” (59:19)

    Resources & Links:

    Mike McFall 



    Biggby Coffee: 

    Billy Samoa Saleebey 


    Email: [email protected] and [email protected] 

    Insight Out 


    This is an encore episode and was originally published on December 30, 2022

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    24 May 2024, 9:00 am
  • 39 minutes 24 seconds
    Learning from the Best: TED Talks Analysis - Brenden Kumarasamy

    This episode of the Insight Out podcast features part 2 of my in-depth discussion with Brenden Kumarasamy, a renowned communication expert and the founder of MasterTalk. a coaching business dedicated to helping executives and business owners become top 1% communicators in their industries.

    In Part 2 of our conversation, we dive into the transformative power of empathy in public speaking. Brendan shares a golden nugget: picture yourself talking to a younger you, someone who's walked in your shoes and felt your fears. That's the secret sauce to forging a real connection with your listeners. And if you've ever been mesmerized by Elon Musk's ability to cast a vision that captivates the globe, we've got the scoop on his communication style, the good, the quirky, and how his fame plays into his storytelling prowess.

    We don’t stop there! Brendan and I dissect TED Talks, highlighting the thin line between intellectually stimulating and snooze-inducing. We look at how thought leaders like Yuval Noah Harari and Adam Grant master the art of making brainy topics relatable and downright captivating. Plus, we tackle the underestimated role of energy in public speaking – that authentic zest that can magnetize your audience or leave them checking their watches.

    And let's not forget the importance of tailoring your message. Knowing your audience is like having a secret map to their hearts and minds, turning a solid talk into an experience they'll carry with them. This episode is brimming with wisdom that could revolutionize your communication game. 

    So, If you're itching to learn how to engage and move your audience, whether you're a pro at the podium or just stepping into the spotlight, this episode is your golden ticket!

    In this episode, you will learn the following:

    • Importance of empathy in public speaking
    • Analysis of Elon Musk's speaking style
    • Approach to studying TED Talks
    • Communicating complex ideas in a compelling and relatable manner
    • Significance of energy in public speaking
    • Impactful communication and effective public speaking

    In This Episode:

    • (06:45) Criteria for selecting TED talks
    • (07:40) Effective communication in TED talks
    • (09:23) Effective communication examples
    • (10:49) Effective storytelling and communication
    • (12:29) Relatable and understandable communication
    • (14:44) Common mistakes in public speaking
    • (19:50) Gary Vaynerchuk's speaking style
    • (20:48) GaryVee's Audience Obsession
    • (23:00) GaryVee's Evolution as a Speaker
    • (25:00) Alex Hermosa's Rise to Fame
    • (27:51) Lewis House's Unique Communication Style
    • (31:01) Tony Robbins' Mastery of Storytelling
    • (33:15) Effective Speaker Study Technique

    Notable Quotes

    • [02:44] “Elon Musk does something right when it comes to speaking because even though he's not your quintessential orator, he's not the guy that you're thinking.” -Billy

    •  [18:38] “If you don't have the luxury to have a conversation with your audience, study them. Learn what is most important to them, and what they going to want. And then give them what they want.”- Billy

    • [25:33] “Always communicate the truth that you believe in, even if other people might not agree with you”-Brenden

    • [28:44] "Empathy is not about speaking to the person you are today but speaking to the person you used to be—the person who was stuck, who didn't know who they wanted to be, who didn't know how to make money, who was sick or was making a lot of mistakes." -Brenden

    Resources and Links

    Brenden Kumarasamy

    Billy Samoa


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    16 May 2024, 5:00 pm
  • 1 hour 8 minutes
    How to Be a Top 1% Communicator with Brenden Kumarasamy

    In this episode of the InsightOut podcast, I am delighted to welcome back Brenden Kumarasamy, a renowned communication expert and the founder of MasterTalk, a coaching business dedicated to helping executives and business owners become top 1% communicators in their industries. Today, we unravel the secrets behind becoming an exceptional speaker and mastering your talk. Brenden zeroes in on the common crutch of filler words, providing techniques to eliminate them, thereby sharpening your delivery.

    Brenden's insights extend to the nuances of vocal variety—how the modulation of tone and the rhythm of your speech can captivate an audience. He introduces listeners to the "random word exercise," a powerful tool to bolster your impromptu speaking abilities, ensuring you're never caught off guard.

    Understanding that fear and a lack of motivation can be significant hurdles, Brenden shares his wisdom on how to conquer these challenges through dedication and regular practice. He champions the art of storytelling, urging listeners to harness its potential to connect and resonate with their audience.

    To make the journey of improving communication skills less daunting, Brenden suggests focusing on one aspect at a time, turning the process into an enjoyable endeavor. 

    If you're looking to finesse your communication skills and take your public speaking to the next level, then this episode is a must-listen for you!

    In this episode, you will learn the following:

    • The importance of effective communication in case competitions and business.
    • Techniques to eliminate filler words and enhance speech credibility.
    • The impact of vocal tones and how to use them to connect with audiences.
    • The "random word exercise" for improving impromptu speaking and small talk.
    • Strategies to overcome common barriers to developing communication skills.
    • The role of storytelling in creating emotional connections with the audience.
    • The benefits of making the learning process enjoyable

    In This Episode:

    • (02:52) How case competitions helped Brenden become a better speaker and coach 
    • (05:53): How Brenden improved his speaking  
    • (10:53) The competitive nature of case competitions  
    • (17:21) Overcoming speaking challenges  
    • (21:43) Importance of removing filler words  
    • (24:54) How to get good at smiling
    • (26:45) Self-awareness and feedback  
    • (27:38) Self-assessment through video review  
    • (33:58) Masculine and feminine tone of voice  
    • (48:34) The Power of Storytelling  
    • (54:08) Practicing Storytelling  
    • (59:12) The importance of having fun in communication  
    • (01:01:07) The concept of sequencing in learning  

    Notable Quotes

    •  [06:47]” I didn't think communication was that important. It wasn't really a focus. I only learned later in my career that communication is really important. -Brenden

    •  [18:03] “When you teach something, you embed it way more than if you just learn it and just let it sit.”- Billy 

    •  [22:53] “If you have the best ideas in the world, if people don't listen to them, if people don't hear them, if people don't take action on them, it's almost as if they were never heard in the first place.”- Brenden

    •  [44:47] “We don't get points for doing this exercise well, we get points for doing it a lot.” -Brenden

    •  [47:32] “If you become the purple cow of your own industry and the ideas that you want to share with the world, that is how people will remember you.” -Brenden 

    Resources and Links

    Brenden Kumarasamy

    Billy Samoa


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    10 May 2024, 9:00 am
  • 1 hour 2 minutes
    Skills for Business Survival in Times of Change with Chris Do






    All of these words can describe my guest today, but

    "teacher" is the one he says is the best fit at this point in his

    life. Chris Do is an Emmy award-winning designer, director, CEO &

    Chief Strategist of Blind, a brand strategy design consultancy, and the founder

    of The Futur—an online education platform with the BIG mission of teaching 1

    billion people how to make a living doing what they love…without losing their

    soul in the process.

    Over the years Chris has developed legions of followers across

    social media platforms, and for good reason. He’s not afraid to speak his

    mind, even when it may not be popular. 

    In this interview, we talk about how being a middle child to

    immigrant parents played an influential role in who he has become. 

    He shares his insights about failure and rejection, and how his

    life would be different without them.

    And we talk about how he’s been able to help his company survive

    through all the changes we’ve seen in the digital world. 


    Social Media:

    Clubhouse: @thechrisdo



    Pocket Full of Do


    The Futur with Chris Do podcast


    the show (

    This is an encore episode and was originally published on April 28, 2021.

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    3 May 2024, 7:00 am
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