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Dylan Hynson

My name is Dylan Hynson, the creator of the College Dorm Sports podcast. The CDS podcast brings you interesting sports talk and discussions from the great young minds of the world. Maybe a guest on this show will be The President one day (we'll get a betting line on this). If you like sports and want to get fresh takes from college kids, this is your podcast. Give us a listen!

  • 1 hour 53 seconds
    CDS Podcast 10: The Lakers Dumpster Fire Year and NBA Power Ranking w/ Alex Merrit
    On this episode of College Dorm Sports, Dylan is rejoined by Alex Merrit to continue their NBA discussions. They talk about the Lakers season from hell and who is to blame for the disaster. Also, they break down their top 10 NBA power rankings with just a few games to go before the playoffs.
    21 March 2019, 4:33 pm
  • 1 hour 17 minutes
    CDS Episode 9: Bryce Harper Got How Much? and MLB Preview w/ Sam Walters
    On this episode of College Dorm Sports, Dylan sits down with podcast newbie Sam Walters and podcast regular Jack Fletcher to talk about the new Bryce Harper contract and what it means for him, the Phillies and the rest of baseball. Plus, they break down the MLB season and what is likely in store for the major contenders.
    21 March 2019, 4:29 pm
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