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    The Console Wars is Officially Dead

    On this episode of the Downloadable Gaming Podcast, we talk about how the console wars is officially dead and how the whole Tfue and FaZe issue shines a light on bad contracts in sports. 

    The console wars has always been the biggest war between Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo products. The years have seen great battles such as the PS3, Xbox 360, and the Wii. But throughout the past few years the focus of these console makers has gone from directly competing with one another to revolutionizing how we play games in a way that their competition is not going in. This on top of the recent partnership between Sony and Microsoft has shown us that the console wars has died and a new competition has taken over.

    Tfue suing FaZe for a predatory contract shines a light on how bad first year contracts are. This is an issue that happens in all sports and now we see it in eSports. This contract that Tfue is suing FaZe over is the definition of predatory and is something that takes advantage of a young player.

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    27 May 2019, 2:48 pm
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    Streamers Get Paid How Much Per Hour?!?

    On this episode of the Downloadable Gaming Podcast we discuss the mistakes found on Game of Thrones, possible leaks for Watchdogs 3 and finding out how much streamers get paid in an hour.

    Earlier in season 8 of Game of Thrones, fans roasted the show and HBO on Twitter for a coffee cup that was left on set and wound up broadcasted in the final cut. Now on the series finale of the hit show, another mistake has been made as you can find a plastic water bottle behind one of the actors feet towards the end of the episode.

    We've been getting subtle hints that Ubisoft is releasing a third game in the Watchdogs series. The open world hacking game has been caught on Twitter with a profile named @Watchdogs_UK, hinting that the third installment of the game will take place in the United Kingdom. Pair that with a screenshot that seemed to leak the setting and storyline of Watchdogs 3, along with Ubisoft announcing that three more AAA games will be announced soon, and we got teases for a new Watchdogs game in the works.

    Have you ever wondered how much publishers offer streamers to broadcast their games before launch? Articles online point that streamers who can gather an audience of around 15,000 people at one time during a stream can make around the mid five figures PER HOUR.

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    21 May 2019, 2:00 pm
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    Xbox and Playstation are Working Together?!?

    On This episode of the Downloadable Gaming Podcast we recap the stories that took place over the weekend.

    Red Dead Online players have been reporting that piles of dead and burnt horses can be found throughout the game outside of major towns such as Valentine. This had led to not only something that is visually bothersome, but also causing performance issues such as frame rate drops and server disconnections. The potential cause of this problem is a duplication glitch that people in Red Dead Online have been using in order to duplicate the amount of fish they caught in their inventory. The issue has been brought up to Rockstar, but there hasn't been any confirmation that this issue has been fixed.

    Activision is breaking their normal Call of Duty cycle, opting to scrap Sledgehammer's scheduled 2020 title and put Treyarch's Black Ops 5 to release in 2020. This is caused after some tension between Sledgehammer Games and Raven, the studio assisting with Sledgehammer's game. Now both of these companies will be assisting with the campaign for Black Ops 5 and this also gives Treyarch only two years before their game is set to be released.

    Sony and Microsoft are working together! The two gaming giants have agreed to work together on a cloud based gaming service that is suppose to make it more enjoyable for gamers like us. But are they really doing it for us? Or because Google is right around the corner from releasing their own cloud based service?

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    20 May 2019, 1:14 pm
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    We'[re Getting A Mortal Kombat Movie!?!

    On episode 6 of the Downloadable Gaming Podcast we talk about the fact that the roles of "casual" and "hardcore gamers no longer exists, Netflix will have a panel on this years E3, and we will be getting a new Mortal Kombat movie.

    Over the past few decades there used to be only two segments of gamers in the world. You were either considered a hardcore gamer; someone who spends a significant amount of money and time to video games. Or you were a casual gamer, someone who spent some money and time towards gaming. But recently those roles have changed thanks to the emergence of streaming and eSports. Now we have eight different segmentation from the hardcore of gamers who spend thousands on their PC, to those who would rather sit on the couch and watch an eSports event or someone elses Twitch stream.

    In a funny, yet painfully scripted, conversation. E3 and Netflix announced that the streaming giant will indeed have its own panel during the June convention. The theme of Netflix's panel would be bringing our favorite Original Series' to video games. While we do not know any other series besides Stranger Things that will become a game, it will be interesting to see what Netflix has up its sleeve.

    We haven't had a Mortal Kombat movie since the original film back in 1995. That will be changing according to numerous tweets pointing to the biggest film production in Australia will be a remake of the Mortal Kombat Movie. Not only that, but James Wan; director of Aquaman, will be coming onto the project as a producer. 

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    16 May 2019, 1:35 pm
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    Theater Mistakes Detective Pikachu for Horror Movie!?

    On episode 5 of the Downloadable Gaming Podcast we talk about an incident one movie theater made in Canada that scared dozens of children.

    A movie theater in Quebec mistakenly showed The Curse of La Llorena to a theater full of fans and children waiting to see Detective Pikachu, sources say that the incident took a turn when trailers for upcoming movies were showing horror films instead of kid friendly and family movies.

    Saints Row tries to make a comeback as they bring back Saints Row the Third for the Nintendo Switch. This was something that was asked for by absolutely nobody and the game has mixed reviews due to its graphical downgrade if you try to play it on your tv instead of handheld mode.

    Writers for Detective Pikachu are saying that they have ideas to build up various Nintendo movies and eventually create a Super Smash Bros film.

    All that and more coming up on Downloadable Gaming.

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    14 May 2019, 1:16 pm
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    GTA 6 Going Back To Vice City! - DLG Podcast Episode 4


    On the fourth episode of the Downloadable Gaming Podcast we got some red hot tea. New leaks on the Playstation 5, Ubisoft dropping new cinematic and gameplay trailer for the latest installment of the Ghost Recon series, and we get new leaks on where the next Grand Theft Auto game may take place. All that here on Downloadable Gaming.

    The playstation 5 (or PS5) may be coming to us sooner than we think. People always wondered when the new generation of consoles would be coming and just how powerful would they be. We got some leaks that may answer those questions. The PS5 could be released as early as 2020. That would explain why Sony decided to back out of this years E3 conference. The Playstation 5 boasts a lot of new features, from the possible native 4k resolution, improved graphics card and processor, to an SSD drive that should make loading a thing of the past. But how true can these things really be?

    Ubisoft dropped some trailers on us as we get first look at Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (I know I said breaking point my bad). The new installment of the Ghost Recon series has us become the hunted as we travel to a new area. A place full of vast jungle and waters as we must survive and take out the Wolves, a group of ex military gone rogue. The game brings in massive improvements from Wildlands and looks as though this can be the most immersive Ghost Recon title yet.

    Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) has some new leaks that tells us where and that the game can be about. According to the latest leaks we can be seeing the latest Grand Theft Auto game bring us back to both Liberty City as well as Vice city as we play as an unknown character working their way up to being a drug lord. Can this be true? 

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    13 May 2019, 10:00 am
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    This Uncharted Movie Will NOT Happen - Downloadable Gaming Podcast Episode 3

    On the third episode of The Downloadable Gaming Podcast, we give all the aspiring video game content creators some advice on how to get started as a content creator from someone who has been doing it for years and learned a lot of lessons.

    Razer has announced a new Keyboard and Mouse combo that is build specifically for the Xbox One. Razer and Microsoft are trying to further the bond between the PC Master Race and the Xbox Community by merging their worlds into one. This new Razer keyboard comes with specific buttons to take you back to the Xbox Home Screen, and a pull-out side mat for the mouse. You won't even need a desk in order to play your Xbox One with this Keyboard and Mouse. But the question is will Xbox fans give this new method of gaming a try? Will PC Gamers actually buy Xbox One consoles to try out the new Razer product?

    Another director for the Uncharted film has dropped out of the project. Over the past ten years we gamers have been promised that the Naughty Dog game would have a film adaptation led by our newest Spider-Man Tom Holland. But over this decade we have heard nothing but directors dropping from the film and disagreements over the finalization of the script. There has been no possible for a release date yet and this film hasn't even left the pre-production phase. This leads to believe that this Uncharted movie will just not happen. Which leads to wondering if we should even want video games to be adapted into films?


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    21 December 2018, 6:00 pm
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    Triple A Video Games Are Crashing Fast! - Downloadable Gaming Podcast Episode 2
    Today's main discussion on The Downloadable Gaming Podcast is the crash of Triple A (AAA) video game publishers when it comes to business. Techspot released an article talking a recent YouTube video from The Quartering. On this video he talks about three main reasons why the crash of AAA Gaming Companies are happening. First, because these studios and publishers who make triple A titles are giving us similar looking games. Take Far Cry: New Dawn, Rage 2, and Fallout 76 for example. All three games take place in post-apocalyptic periods, with neon colors throughout the characters and environment. Second, video games are coming out so frequently that gamers have backlogs of games that they haven't even played yet, let alone completed. This leads to us not wanting to buy more games because we can have just as much fun finishing the ones we have. Third, we just don't get unique games from these AAA companies. We also discuss the legal battle between Fortnite's Epic Games and Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), Backpack Kid, and 2 Milly over possible copyright infringement to their signature dances. Fortnite has been adding trending dances and celebrations onto their games, and the creators of these dances are looking to trademark them and cash in on Epic Games. But they may have trouble doing this due to some loopholes in copyright claims. In today's "Mind of a Gamer" we discuss the increasingly large file sizes that video games are now requiring. From large files such as Red Dead Redemption 2's 100 GB needs, to the hours of time needed to download such files. It's first world problems...but this is something we all do have a problem with, even though we appreciate the high quality graphics and gameplay. Today's edition of "Today in Gaming" celebrates the 17th anniversary of Silent Hill 2, which is a series that made sure I could never sleep well throughout my entire childhood. Follow Downloadable Gaming on Social Media! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: All Articles From Today's Downloadable Gaming Podcast Here, --- Support this podcast:
    20 December 2018, 6:00 pm
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    Mortal Kombat Drops a Fatality at The Game Awards 2018 - Downloadable Gaming Podcast Episode 1
    The Very First Episode of the NEW Downloadable Gaming Podcast! Have an opinion you want to share or a question you want to ask? Do it through Anchor! Download the anchor app and follow The Downloadable Gaming Podcast. Click the message button and record a one minute recording of yourself giving your opinion or asking a question. You may even get your recording on the podcast. On the first episode of the Downloadable Gaming Podcast. We discuss the how NethreRealm Studios and Mortal Kombat surprised us with a FATALITY by giving us the first cinematic trailer for Mortal Kombat 11. The trailer giving us a peek at what to expect from the newest installment. From customized looks of Raiden and Scorpion, new characters that we have never seen before, and the return of former Outworld Emperor Shao Khan as a Pre-Order bonus. Sony and Playstation are in hot water once again. Sony added a new feature for the holidays by creating a custom video for their Playstation fans by showing them a video highlighting the trophies that they achieved throughout the year. The problem with this? They also give you the exact number of players who have ALSO achieved the same trophy as you. If you take this number, and check the percentage of players who achieved that same trophy in your Playstation Network Dashboard, you have an estimate of how many copies of that particular game sold. That does not bode well with publishers who don't want their sales numbers out in the public like that. Especially for games that are considered flops such as Fallout 76. On this episodes edition of "Mind of a Gamer" we talk about how Madden NFL games are basically the iPhone of video games. Because both iPhones and Madden games do not make any significant improvements with each new edition. Giving us the same product like that pair of socks that your aunt didn't want and wound up regifting to you. On this episodes edition of "Today in Gaming" We celebrate the debut of Mega Man, who made his first appearance in Japan for the NES over 30 years ago to this day. Follow Downloadable Gaming on Social Media! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: --- Support this podcast:
    18 December 2018, 8:41 pm
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