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    Life update plus Deion Coach Prime Sanders, Ed Reed, and HBCUs
    Sharing life updates since I’ve been away from the podcast. Hot takes on Deion Coach Prime Sanders Jackson State to Colorado, Ed Reed Bethune Cookman debacle
    22 January 2023, 5:10 pm
  • 3 hours 34 minutes
    Episode 011 2020 Ohio Black medical CannaBusiness Panel
    2020 Ohio medical cannabis business panel State Rep Juanita Brent Cleveland Dr. Bridget Williams Green Harvest Health Kenneth Tyree CCG Consulting Broderick Business Development Beneleaves processing Solomon Green Ideas and Wellness Empress Brands Copper Cannabis Gerald Moore Jr Athletes & Cannabis
    10 January 2021, 3:50 pm
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    Episode 010 Car talks with Gerald Moore Jr
    I spend a lot of time in my car these days so I decided to start a series called Car talks with Gerald Moore jr. Where I talk about my life and current topics in America from a black male perspective. You can follow me instagram @geraldmoorejr twitter @geraldmoore_jr
    19 December 2020, 1:06 pm
  • 3 hours 34 minutes
    Episode 009 Ohio African American virtual cannabis summit 2020
    Estimates published in the newly released Marijuana Business Factbook show the total economic impact of legal cannabis sales increasing from $38 billion-$46 billion in 2019 to $106 billion-$130 billion by 2024 – a 181% increase. That being said there is still a ways on drugs and huge inequalities in the note legal and booming cannabis industry. In this event we hosted Ohio State representative Juanita Brent about Cannabis laws. Broderick - Beneleaves Business development , Kevin Greene - Co- Founder The Cleveland school of cannabis , Solomon - Green Ideas and wellness, Dr. Bridget Williams - Green Harvest health, Empress - Empress Brands
    8 December 2020, 7:02 pm
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    Episode 008 The pandemic and it's impact on NCAA college sports
    In this episode I discuss my position on the current state of college athletics (NCAA) during the pandemic. As conferences begin to report whether or not there will be fall sports season the talk of protecting players is the main topic. In this episode I speak from my personal experience as a former D1 scholar athlete and All American at Ohio University. When covid started to shut down everything I knew that college sports would be a huge topic of discussion because America is all about entertainment and we've been missing out on sports. The main thing about America though is our athletes and entertainers communities are the ones being bit the hardest by this virus yet nobody respects the voices, stories, and truths of the black community. Many people aren't speaking on the economics of sports and entertainment and how these institution's and corporations are robbing black community of billions year after year through college sports. The NCAA made overa billion dollars last year but doesn't play its workershence why they call them amateurs. A scholarship is not adequate payment when an org is bringing in a billion dollars. Some of the big teams like Ohio State, Texas, and bama are billion dollar programs by themselves. I believe it's all a scam at this point and it time for us to take a stand against the NCAA establishment. If you like this podcastor want me to cover a topic contact me via my social media follow me and DM me on Instagram/twitter @geraldmoore_jr
    12 August 2020, 10:05 am
  • 32 minutes 54 seconds
    Episode 007 The History of Cannabis : Gerald Moore Jr.
    With the legalization of cannabis spreading nationally our education on how we got here is important. Why has plant(cannabis) been demonized and prohibited so long.
    21 April 2020, 12:40 pm
  • 26 minutes 36 seconds
    Episode 006 More Life Podcast: Featuring Anthony Molden Founder UCollabit
    Discussing entrepreneurship, life, and culture with budding entrepreneur/ DJ Anthony Molden Founder of a platform for creatives Ucollabit.
    2 July 2019, 4:41 pm
  • 38 minutes 42 seconds
    Episode 005: Let's talk Mental health in the Black community Monden
    In this episode we discuss mental health with NAMI mental health advocate Quentin Monden.
    23 June 2019, 11:48 pm
  • 1 hour 12 seconds
    Episode 004: My story as a D1 All- American
    In this episode I talk about what being a division 1 scholarship All-American was like. I dive deep into football, school, drugs, girls, injuries, lifestyle and more. Be sure follow and engage with me on social media Instagram and twitter @geraldmoore_jr submit questions, topics, thoughts, ideas, or collaboration opportunities to either platform. thanks for checking out my podcast if you like it share, repost, retweet and do what yall do. Love G Moore
    16 April 2019, 3:20 pm
  • 27 minutes 35 seconds
    Episode 003: The Moore Life podcast Nipsey Hussle edition
    In this episode I touch on the life of the rapper, innovator, and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle and my take aways on his impact on my life and the culture.
    2 April 2019, 12:02 pm
  • 32 minutes 24 seconds
    Episode 002: the good & bad of playing sports at a high level
    As a former division 1 All- American football player and NFL undrafted free agent I know a thing or two about sports. In this episode i discuss the good and bad things of sports from my perspective. These insights are to give you the thoughts directly from someone who's played the game since a young age and I've had many different experiences. I hope this episode helps to expand the conversation around sports and gives it another perspective instead of just entertainment.
    8 December 2018, 7:44 pm
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