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  • Presenting: Civilized

    Hey everyone! We wanted to shout out one of our favorite shows from a truly wonderful group of creative powerhouses: Civilized! (They won a Webby, which is more than we can say).

    You might recognize the voice of Sean Howard, who played the job-seeking, brood-feeding, moon dust-addicted party boi MELTROCULON in Chapter 1 of Jupiter Saloon.

    Please enjoy this episode, and show them some love by liking/following/reviewing/rating over here.


    Episode 1: Rain

    Stranded on an unknown planet, Beatrix builds a shelter, while Bob does his best to help — and a new threat descends from above.

    Starring Kristi Boulton, Michael Divinski, Mbula Enobong and Sean Howard.
    Sound design: Eli McIlveen
    Cover art: David Demaret
    Announcers: Marisa King and Michael Howie

    Content warning: screaming, violence, death and body horror.



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    27 March 2023, 10:01 pm
  • Announcement: Jupiter Saloon Theme Song Available on Vinyl!

    Our theme song, “Satellite Girls” by Love Like Deloreans, is now available for vinyl purchase and free streaming! Jupiter Saloon would not exist without the support and brilliant music supervision of YouTooCanWoo, including major contributions from the Love Like Deloreans catalog. Visit https://ensemblerecords.lnk.to/LLD to check out all of your listening options. Great for: bounty hunting mixes, barbecue mixes, roller-disco mixes, falling in love on a random Wednesday night mixes, and morning meditation mixes.

    Visit www.jupitersaloon.com for more information on our other episodes, including cast information and transcripts.

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    16 February 2023, 9:57 pm
  • Chapter 4: Phase Queen at the IO Pavilion

    Season 1 Finale. When Joe and Tau go to see intergalactic pop-sensation Phase Queen at the IO Pavilion, they leave the bar open to a duo of sinister visitors. Everyone sends letters. Thanks for the great season!


    Directed by Thierry Denis
    Written by Chris O’Keeffe.
    Mix and sound design by Daniel Tureck
    Main theme song “Satellite Girls” by Love like Deloreans

    Music supervision by YouTooCanWoo. Check them out at www.Youtoocanwoo.com.


    Tau Neutrino played by Beth Gallagher

    Hektor the Vector played by Mike Sears

    Flynn played by Robert Guerra

    Rover played by Rachel Beck

    Dilapida played by Jordan Cobb

    Dallas McLaughlin as AM1

    Joe the Bartender played by Chris O’Keeffe
    Jennora Dodonna played by Jill Rogers-Jensen

    Matt Howell as The Courrier

    Kevin Carranza as Murray the Space Custodian

    GG Hawkins as Phase Queen

    featuring Angela Lee Belleville as the shuttle voice

    Our Executive Producers are:
    Thierry Denis
    Patrick Yurick
    Chris O’Keeffe
    Our Producers are:
    Luke Piedad
    Lea Wülferth
    T.H. Ponders
    Robert Guerra

    Recorded by T.H. Ponders, Olivia Henrikson,Thierry Denis and Chris O’Keeffe


    Visit www.jupitersaloon.com for more information, including cast information and transcripts.

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  • Chapter 3: Karaoke Night

    Joe the bartender installs a roto tom wall. Six Geoffs gets a date using an interplanetary, pan-dimensional dating app. Then Karaoke Night is crashed by the bloodthirsty Aqua Marines and their bellicose swarm (flock? gaggle?) of murderous warbots. 


    Visit www.jupitersaloon.com for more information, including cast and transcripts.

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    12 September 2022, 4:08 pm
  • Chapter 2: the Cowboys of Antares

    At Jupiter Saloon, it’s an unwritten rule that you can settle your tab with a good story. So, Hektor invokes lore law by telling the tale of “The Cowboys of Antares” — a legendary group of renegade rock choppers he used to fly with.

    Visit www.jupitersaloon.com for more information, including cast and transcripts.

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  • Chapter 1: Hektor the Vector

    Series Premier! Welcome to Jupiter Saloon, every space wanderer’s favorite galactic dive bar. Joe the bartender just wants a day off, but good help is hard to find. Flynn thirsts for adventure. And Tau Neutrino, bounty hunter-for-hire, wants a cover gig for her secret mission. Then the gang plays Frag, Frak or Frappe with a mysterious stranger.

    Visit www.jupitersaloon.com for more information, including cast and transcripts.

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    1 August 2022, 9:51 pm
  • Season 1 Trailer #1

    Jupiter Saloon is a sci-fi comedy podcast (audio drama) that takes place at a dive bar in space. Hang out with this gang of misfits as they try to make their way through the universe. Be prepared for murderous warbots, crazy karaoke, intergalactic pop star holograms and much, much, more.

    Episode Transcript


    Narrator: In a world, hundreds of millions of miles from our own

    Computer Voice: Initiating landing sequence

    Narrator: where adventure is born

    Joe: Hey Flynn. What’s all the gear for?

    Flynn: Well, just getting ready for my next adventure with Captain Snakebait

    Narrator: where heroes are forged

    Tau: You see this? I don’t set for stun.

    Narrator: and villains are deadly

    Meltroculon: Feed the brood! Aaahhahahah!

    Narrator: Is a place where bravery comes in all sizes

    Rover: Whirrr

    Joe: Rover!

    Narrator: a place of mystery

    Murray: I am known my limitless names

    Narrator: A place where people….drink and recognize other people

    Tau: You know what he said to me one time? He said — oh fuuuuuck. Look who just walked in!

    Flynn: THAT’s the robot deathray guy?

    Narrator: A place made of music

    Computer Voice: Tomorrow night is Karaoke night. Reminder that because of recent events, this is not a BYO microphone event

    Narrator: where sincere friendships can be made

    Flynn: Hey squad!

    Tau. Not your squad!

    Tau: I want you to hold onto this. It’s my phone number, attached to a pocket nuclear device wired to trigger if I get too annoyed.

    Narrator: And Chivalry isn’t dead.

    Chuzz: Excuse, I’ve had two wet beers and wish to copulate. Will you copulate with me

    Vice Admiral Lucious Borrack: You bitch.

    Narrator: A place where chimpanzees are allowed to smoke inside

    Joe: No no no, not that door!

    Chimps: Screaming

    Tau: All due respect to the tale of the space monkey casino, but I believe Hektor was about to tell us what was going down with Bleu getting interrogated by that ILP jackbag

    Narrator: And there’s a guy made up of six individual guys, all name Geoff.
    Flynn: Hey Six Geoffs, what are you drinking?

    Six Geoffs: [six different simultaneous responses]

    Narrator: We don’t get it either

    Narrator: Jupiter saloon. The only bar in the galaxy where you can settle your tab with a good story.

    Computer Voice: Please prepare for our final approach. We are now landing at the Jupiter Saloon.

    Narrator: make your way to Jupiter Saloon. because we’re pretty sure you left your credit card there last night anyway.

    Bleu: Hektor, please give them a sense of how sorry we are

    Hektor: I see my reputation precedes me. I assure you, only the most lugubrious aspects of the gossip are true.

    Voice: Jupiter Saloon. Coming 2022 to an intergalactic truckstop dive bar near you.

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