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If you’re frustrated because you struggle in the entertainment business, then Branding for Entertainers podcast will help. If you’re looking for valuable insights into the most common and frustrating identity issues that both amateur and even professional entertainers face, then the BFE podcast will help you shine. Billy Diamond brings you practical advice and formulas to get people to remember who you are and keep them talking about your brand. Billy and the world’s leading experts will help you polish your visual, verbal, and virtual identity so that entertainment buyers, agents, and your live audience will listen. Each episode is geared to help you get your message out, grow your business, stand out in the marketplace, and have a blast doing it!

  • 10 November 2023, 3:00 pm

    BFE EP37: Paper vs Pixels: The Business Card Debate

    19 minutes 13 seconds
  • 31 October 2023, 9:00 pm

    BFE EP36: The Future of Branding in the Age of AI

    24 minutes 47 seconds
  • 1 September 2023, 11:00 pm

    BFE EP35: Standing Out For The Right Reasons with Jeff Veley

    45 minutes 50 seconds
  • 20 March 2023, 2:00 pm

    BFE EP34: Live Sound & Tech Talk: It’s part of the brand experience

    54 minutes 31 seconds
  • 15 February 2023, 1:00 am

    BFE EP33: Does Size Matter?

    6 minutes 52 seconds
  • 25 December 2022, 3:00 am

    BFE EP32: You’ve Got Bad Marketing In My Branding

    17 minutes 59 seconds
  • 1 December 2022, 2:00 am

    BFE EP31: Power Behind Ad Copy That Sells with Cris Johnson

    55 minutes 20 seconds
  • 4 November 2022, 8:00 pm

    BFE EP30: Kid Magician To Vegas Headliner with Leslie McKinney

    52 minutes 17 seconds
  • 1 October 2022, 2:00 am

    BFE EP29: The Invisible Cape: The Evel Hero

    36 minutes 26 seconds
  • 16 August 2022, 5:00 pm

    BFE EP28: Could I Reintroduce Myself... Again

    6 minutes 37 seconds
  • 26 February 2022, 6:00 am

    BFE EP27: The One-Legged Man with Mark Gindick

    26 minutes 54 seconds
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