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    Profiling a Business Leader with William Salvi and David Nurse, The Mindset Specialist

    The CEO Series, a standout video series, is the brainchild of William Salvi, a Renowned media agency owner based in Chicago. This Emmy award-winning show stands out for its exceptional quality and its unique focus on CEOs from diverse industries. William, along with his brother Chris, initiated the series seven years ago, and for the past four years, they have been delving into the stories, roles, and mindsets of CEOs. The series kicked off with an interview with the chairman and CEO of Wintrust Bank, and since then, it has evolved, with the team constantly enhancing their interviewing techniques and the caliber of guests. The show's distinct goal is to unveil the person behind the role and brand, offering viewers a rare glimpse into the human side of business leadership often overshadowed in formal interviews. 

    The CEO Series remains industry-agnostic but focuses on the CEOs' unique experiences and perspectives as leaders of large organizations with many stakeholders. The show's producer and host discuss the pressure CEOs face, which can cause some of them to become reclusive, seeking honest feedback rather than flattery.  The CEOs featured in the show share the formative experiences that shaped them as leaders during their youth or teens. The CEO Series is an Emmy award-winning video series available on entrepreneur.com, giving successful leaders a platform to share their experiences with the world. 

    His brother Chris and he loves interviewing prominent business individuals for our CEO series. We aim for higher-profile CEOs and brands. It's exciting to meet and talk to these people as we get to know them as individuals with their insecurities and life experiences. We challenge ourselves daily by putting ourselves in uncomfortable positions, such as meeting high-profile CEOs. It's a great way to expand our agency and network of contacts.

    David Nurse is an accomplished mindset specialist and a bestselling author at the Wall Street Journal. Over the past 15 years, he has worked with sports teams and corporate executives, assisting them in dominating their respective fields. David has positively impacted the lives of over 150 NBA players, whose contract earnings total a staggering $3.2 billion. He believes that highly successful people can be classified into two categories—those who value honesty and those who do not.

    David's expertise lies in his profound understanding of the power of the mind and how it can be used as a cheat code for success. He provides mindset tools that help individuals overcome insecurities, deal with pressure, and utilize their gifts without internal or external roadblocks. He has designed these tools to help individuals take strategic action and realize their full potential. At the Next Level Club, David works with people to help them unlock their mind's potential and achieve their goals. With his constructive guidance and mindset tools, he empowers individuals to confidently reach the next level of their abilities and pursue their dreams. 

    There are nine action archetypes: fear of other people's opinions, inopportune, blame, test believer, distracted, scarcity mindset, perfectionist, underestimate, and imposter syndrome. To combat self-doubt, try these three tools: First, look at your hands and remember all the difficulties you've overcome. Second, remind yourself to serve others in the present moment. Finally, snap your fingers to cue your subconscious to live into the person you want to be. Remember to stop, notice, assess, and pivot when things get overwhelming. These tools can be used anytime, anywhere.

    • [00:00:00] The CEO Series
    • [00:06:45] William Salvi
    • [00:13:01] CEOs are Humans too!
    • [00:20:52] The Mindset Specialist
    • [00:30:01] David Nurse
    • [00:37:27] STOP
    13 April 2024, 4:00 pm
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    Women Tech Council 2024 III

    On day three of the Women Tech Council in Utah, Governor Spencer Cox spoke about the SheTech Explorer Day event. The event hosted 4,000 junior high and high school girls and provided them with exposure to the tech industry. Governor Cox, who has expertise in business, entrepreneurship, and tech, expressed his excitement and gratitude for the event, which he believes opened many doors for these young girls. He emphasized the importance of mentorship, saying "you can't be what you can't see". 

    Governor Cox shared his own experience of turning his great grandfather's rural telephone company into a regional internet company and encouraged young women to explore the tech industry, which has been male-dominated for a long time. He praised SheTech for providing an interactive day with hundreds of mentors available to talk to, and an opportunity for young women to decide if the tech industry is something they're interested in pursuing. Cox stated that it's important to learn what you don't want to do as much as what you want to do, and SheTech offers that opportunity for young women to explore the tech industry.

    Barclay Burns - Assistant Dean at the School of Engineering and Technology Utah Valley University  Barclay Burns is the assistant Dean for Utah Valley University, focusing on AI and serving on the board of directors for the Utah Innovation Fund and the Automation Fund. He is passionate about investing in female tech and life science leaders and creating a women and AI symposium. Utah recently passed an AI bill, which includes guardrails and an AI laboratory for companies to innovate and learn in a safe environment. AI has promise and peril, and Utah is taking steps to ensure proper regulation and policy.

    The co-founder of Chatbooks, Vanessa Quigley, discussed the company's mission to make it easy for people to preserve their memories in physical form. The company's software automates the process of creating photo books and enables users to print their Instagram photos. Chatbooks is now exploring the use of AI to automatically curate photos and generate captions based on the user's writing style. Research has shown that printing photos can have a positive impact on family relationships. Chatbooks is looking to attract more women to help create products that resonate with their primarily female customer base.

    Dan Cathy is the CEO and investor of VOZE, a platform that helps industrial companies manage their field sales teams. He attended an event to support his daughter, who was attending high school for the first time. The event captivated Dan with its vast scale and the thousands of young girls in attendance. He believes that these events offer excellent opportunities for young girls to explore diverse career paths and gain exposure to different opportunities. Dan has worked with some amazing women in tech, from engineers to tech entrepreneurs, investors, and more. He acknowledges the value of women in the tech industry and looks forward to seeing more women enter it. He believes that women bring diverse perspectives to an industry that men have long dominated, and this would lead to better outcomes for everyone.

    In our last segment for this series, we have Kirk Ouimet, CEO and Co-Founder for Phi, spoke about his passion for improving health through technology at the Woman Tech Council's She Tech Explorer Day. Phi, named after the golden ratio (1.618), aims to use AI to debug and understand why our bodies fail. Kirk believes we live in an exciting time for this kind of work and was at the event to mentor and advise others.

    • [00:00:00] Governor of Utah
    • [00:06:49] Spencer Cox
    • [00:13:00] Barclay Burns
    • [00:20:50] Vanessa Quigley - Co-Founder of Chatbooks
    • [00:29:58] Dan Caffee - CEO of VOZE
    • [00:37:38] Kirk Quimet - CEO and Founder of Phi
    6 April 2024, 4:00 pm
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    Women Tech Council 2024 II

    Alan attended the She Tech Explorer Day event hosted by the Women Tech Council. Dr. Susan R. Madsen, founding director of the Utah Women and Leadership Project, joined him to discuss this event. The event had 4,000 high school girls and was different from other trade shows because of the sound of the girls. The event allowed girls to see themselves in technology and other fields, and it also showed them that they can be mothers and entrepreneurs simultaneously. Utah is working towards bridging the gender pay gap and making positive changes.  

    This program aims to shift things in Utah in just seven years, which would take 3-4 decades without it. The program is focused on five categories: safety and security, education, health and well-being, workforce, and poverty and homelessness. The program aims to coordinate efforts to identify gaps and find resources to shift things in a fast and effective way. Women in tech and women in STEM are critical areas for change.

     Amelia Wilcox - Founder and CEO of Nivati Amelia Wilcox, the CEO and founder of Nivati, was invited to speak at a women's council of tech explorers and entrepreneurs. Her talk focused on the endless opportunities in science and tech for high school students. As a female leader herself, Amelia knows firsthand the challenges that come with the role. She emphasized that having the courage, grit, confidence, and faith in oneself is essential for leadership. Amelia encourages young people to find a supportive network and be true to themselves to reach their full potential. Her inspiring message is a call to action for all aspiring leaders, regardless of gender.

    Jessica Gelman is a successful businesswoman who holds multiple roles, including the CEO of Craft Analytics Group (KAGR), part-owner of the Utah Royals, and a board member of the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL). KAGR helps professional sports teams and leagues understand their fans better through analytics. The company has worked with major leagues such as the NFL, 76ers, Sacramento Kings, and Eagles. KAGR was formed based on the knowledge gained from Jessica's experience running the Patriots' business operations. Jessica is also part of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conference, which focuses on using analytics to drive change in women's sports. She is actively involved with the Utah Royals, bringing an analytics focus to women's sports.Analytics, a crucial differentiator, empowers women and girls who are often underrepresented in the sports industry. It provides them with a powerful voice, enabling them to stand out in a male-dominated business setting. This is the transformative impact that Jessica and KAGR are striving to bring to the industry.

    The Larry H Miller Group is a family investment firm with diverse business interests, including owning one of the largest automotive dealer groups in the country, the Utah Jazz, and investments in real estate, healthcare, sports, and entertainment. CEO Steve Starks participated in the She Tech Explorer Day event to inspire high school-aged girls to pursue careers in technology and business. He emphasizes the need for equal opportunities and upward mobility for women in the workplace. The company has three female executives on the highest level of the company's hierarchy.

    Join us on our next episode as Alan continues with part III of the Women Tech Council, She Tech Explorer Day.

    • [00:00:00] Susan R. Madsen
    • [00:07:18] STEM
    • [00:13:00] Amelia Wilcox - Founder and CEO of Nivati
    • [00:20:50] Jessica Gelman - CEO and Investor of (KAGR)
    • [00:30:34] Jessica Gelman
    • [00:37:38] Steve Starks
    30 March 2024, 4:00 pm
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    Women Tech Council 2024

    Alan is speaking with Cydni Tetro, President and Co-Founder of from the Women Tech Council, at a She Tech event in Salt Lake City. The Women Tech Council is a nonprofit organization that aims to increase the number of women in tech by providing mentoring, visibility, opportunities, and networking. She Tech program provides role models and mentors to high school girls, exposing them to technology and entrepreneurship. The event includes a tech challenge, hands-on experiences with technology, and meeting mentors and role models. The goal is to change girls' lives by exposing them to people and industries they might not otherwise be able to access.

    Becky Wright is the founder and CEO of Proximity, a platform designed to help political candidates connect with voters more effectively. Proximity aims to address the inefficiencies of traditional campaigns by consolidating all of the resources needed for a campaign into one platform. It is a nonpartisan platform that helps good leaders become great candidates and levels the playing field. Becky is a natural-born leader who believes in civic engagement and encourages people to become more involved in politics to make a meaningful difference in their communities. Proximity is specifically built for down-ballot elections so that it can be more representative of those who are in your area. If you plan to run for office or know someone who is, Proximity provides the tools to help you be successful.

    Up next is Rob Gehring, CEO of Swire Coca-Cola USA. Swire Coca-Cola is a powerhouse bottling company that operates in 13 western US states and several Asian countries. They have partnered with Coca-Cola Company to manufacture, produce, and distribute their products. They are confident that technology is the key enabler in delivering their products to consumers efficiently and safely. They have set a bold goal of having 50% female leaders by 2030 and are committed to creating a diverse, high-performing team. Their latest innovation, Coca-Cola Spice, a new flavor with a hint of raspberry and spicy flavor, demonstrates their unwavering commitment to staying ahead of the curve. They are convinced that AI is the future of data processing and decision-making and are determined to harness its power to achieve their business goals. They know that AI is a valuable tool that can be used positively, and they will continue leveraging it to drive their business forward confidently.

    Joining us now is Jeff Moss, Associate Commissioner of the Innovation Utah Innovation Fund and something to do with the System of Higher Education. Jeff explains that Utah's goal is to make higher education more impactful from an economic development and innovation perspective. The aim is not just to benefit students but also to impact society and the economy. Jeff has been supporting the Women Tech Council event for quite some time and thinks that more needs to be done to promote the participation of females in technology. He has been in the tech sector for over 20 years and helped to secure funding for the event through the legislature last session. Jeff is impressed with the size of the event, as there are thousands of young girls attending. He believes that the Women Tech Council event will help to promote interest in the STEM space and will ultimately lead to more diverse and better employees, something that is important for the economy.

    Closing this episode with Alan is Vance Checketts, the CEO of Auticon US, a technology talent partner with a twist. Autocon US has an incredible 81% of their team comprising individuals with autism, particularly in technology roles like data analytics, quality assurance, and development, which leverage new technologies like artificial intelligence. When asked about building diverse teams, Vance shares that the whole company was built on embracing diversity and different ideas. He is also on the board of the Women Tech Council, which aims to encourage more women to pursue careers in technology. He believes that having diversity in leadership is key to having diverse teams and companies. Vance finds potential employees through various channels, and people often find Autocon US themselves. If you're interested in Autocon US, you can visit their global website at auticon.com or their US website at auticon.us.

    Alan recently attended the Women Tech Council SheTech Explorer Day, which saw over 4,000 high school girls exploring the booths of various tech companies. One such company was NICE.com, whose Vice President of Engineering, Sean Kirkby, spoke about their three divisions: Customer Experience, Financial Crime Solutions, and Public Safety and Justice, with a focus on Customer Experience. Sean, who was also a volunteer mentor, encouraged the girls to believe in themselves and explore their interests in technology. The event provided an excellent opportunity for young girls to understand the available opportunities and showcase their skills.

    • [00:00:00] Cydni Tetro
    • [00:06:35] Becki Wright
    • [00:13:00] Rob Gehring
    • [00:20:50] Jefferson Moss
    • [00:30:34] Vance Checketts
    • [00:37:38] Sean Kirkby
    23 March 2024, 4:00 pm
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    From Mental Health to Millionaire with Jonathan Beskin and Liber8 with Raj Jana

     Alan welcomes Jonathan Beskin, a serial entrepreneur and bestselling author of "The Least Likely Millionaire." The book tells the story of how Jonathan overcame crippling anxiety, toxic parenting, and a total lack of support to start and build a wildly successful company, despite everyone telling him his ideas would never work and that he would be a failure. The book is a triumphant memoir highlighting Jonathan's journey, including the ups and downs, and providing actionable advice to help other entrepreneurs.

     Jonathan also owns Singlesswag.com, worth 80 million dollars in subscription boxes. Aspiring entrepreneurs overcoming challenging obstacles can hopefully find inspiration in his story and become "least likely millionaires." During the interview, Alan asks Jonathan about three points of success. The first point is the concept of healthy obsession and how one can channel negative experiences into positive energy.

    Alan welcomes Raj Jana, the CEO of Liber8. Liber8 is a company that develops programs to help people overcome emotional and childhood trauma, as well as any limiting beliefs that prevent them from living a meaningful and authentic life. The company's mission is to remove any barriers that may be stopping people from achieving the things they desire.

    Raj shares his personal experience of burnout while building his first company in 2019, at the age of 27. He worked tirelessly, hustling day and night, until he reached his breaking point. He realized that his need to prove himself, his obsession with making money, and his constant busyness were all rooted in trauma. He understood that if he was living his purpose, he wouldn't have been burned out. Instead, he would have felt more alive.

    After selling his company, Raj faced even more challenges. He felt purposeless and lost, and his relationships were in shambles. He realized that he needed to work on himself and his relationships. He had to address his trauma with being vulnerable and intimate in partnerships. He had to learn how to connect and be seen.

    Raj's experience was both liberating and a trap. He had the resources to address his issues, but he also felt lost and directionless. Raj's story is a reminder that success doesn't always bring happiness and that it's essential to work on oneself, both personally and professionally.

    Raj Jana emphasizes the importance of having a clear vision for your company, which includes how much money you're making, how your customers feel, what your products are, and what your brand is. By inspiring people with a vision, you can get talent to show up in ways that no paycheck will. 

    Another important tip from Raj is to empower your team by delegating tasks. Remember that a 90 is still an A, so relax your standards and delegate to open up your capacity for more support. This is the ultimate entrepreneurial journey – letting go of control.

    • [00:00:00] The Least Likely Millionaire
    • [00:07:32] Triumphant Memoire
    • [00:12:30] Actionable Advice
    • [00:19:50] Liber8 with Raj Jana
    • [00:28:37] Tools and Resources
    • [00:36:24] Let Go!
    13 January 2024, 5:00 pm
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    Brand Yourself with T.J. Colaiezzi and A Holistic Approach for Everyone with Amelia Wilcox

    T.J. Colaiezzi is the Founder and CEO of Life Brand, a company that helps people build a strong personal brand using social media. The idea of people sharing their lives online is here to stay, but Life Brand provides educational resources on how to strategically use social media to brand yourself, as well as what not to do. Social media is the first thing that employers and potential business partners look at to get a sense of who you are as a person, so it's important to have a positive and strong online presence. Life Brand has developed an AI-powered tool that can dig up and remove any harmful content that may affect your personal brand. 

    T.J. talks about their company's progress and AI technology. They work with various clients, from small businesses to individuals. They are excited to be the presenting sponsor of an upcoming summit and give attendees free access to their technology for a year. Their service is affordable and offers a free social media check. The cost to clean up social media is $59.95 or $119 annually. They stress the importance of maintaining a positive online brand and how their service can help people achieve that. Visit llifebrand.life to invest in “your” brand. 

    Amelia Wilcox is the Founder and CEO of Nivati, an employee mental health and well-being platform for everyone. Her business, which previously offered corporate massages to promote employee well-being, was facing closure due to the pandemic in 2020. However, instead of allowing her business to disappear, Amelia took a different approach. She discovered that employees had real problems that required real solutions, which she needed to be equipped to handle alone. This realization led her to transform her corporate massage platform into an all-around mental health and well-being platform for everyone. During this period, Amelia also noticed her oldest daughter struggling with her mental health. As she embarked on a journey to find her daughter the help she needed, Amelia gathered the resources for a holistic approach to mental health. This approach supports people at every stage of their mental health journey, from corporate massages to various forms of therapy. Amelia encapsulated her success into three main points for entrepreneurial listeners. Firstly, she advises improving leadership skills and delegation to scale the company. Secondly, she emphasizes the importance of mentors and networking, believing that having mentors who are experts in their field is crucial for success. Lastly, Amelia talks about the significance of focus. Although it can be difficult to say no to good opportunities, the real power and ability to grow come from the painful focus and the ability to say no.

    • [00:00:00] Social Media Is Here To Stay
    • [00:06:02] You Are Your Brand
    • [00:12:29] Corporate Massages
    • [00:19:19] Just One More Business
    • [00:28:03] Everyone's Platform
    • [00:36:07] Encapsulating Her Success
    6 January 2024, 5:00 pm
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    The Shortcut with Matt Swider

    Matt Swider is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of TheShortcut.com. He served as Tech Radar's editor-in-chief for nine years and has over a million Twitter followers. Utilizing his skill set and followers, he created his own business, TheShortcut.com, which provides consumers with information on how, where, and when to find the technology they seek. The Shortcut is currently the #1 consumer tech publication on Substack.

    With the Consumer Electronics Show just around the corner, Matt and Alan are preparing to attend. During their discussions, they ponder about the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and the concerns that come with it. AI has rapidly improved and has become both exciting and frightening at the same time. Matt believes that we, as people, are contributing to its growth by funding its development. AI has eliminated the need for experts in some fields, as your phone or device can perform tasks for you. The Metaverse, the next evolution in social connection, is the successor to the mobile internet. However, the Deepfake, synthetic media that can convincingly replace one person's likeness with another, is already knocking at our doorsteps.

    What's currently trending on TheShortcut.com? Gaming is a hot topic these days. Soon, you might not require a PS5 or XBOX to enjoy your favorite games. With just a chip, you can buy accessories for your iPhone and play games on the go. 

     Matt, an entrepreneur in his industry, suggests that building a portfolio and writing your own substack could be a great way to showcase your talents. He even goes as far as to say that he would be envious if you had content he could feature on his website. It's a good idea to start with freelancing if you're new to the industry.

    Technology is constantly evolving, and its end product is unknown. Should we fear or embrace this?

    • [00:00:00] The Shortcut.com
    • [00:05:46] One Million Twitter Followers
    • [00:12:29] UPgrade
    • [00:19:19] Artificial Intelligence
    • [00:28:03] Gaming On The Go
    • [00:36:07] Evolving Tech
    14 October 2023, 4:00 pm
  • 41 minutes 54 seconds
    Creator Content Economy with Derral Eves and Digital Ownership with Seth Taylor

    Derral Eves, the Executive Producer and Co-Founder of "The Chosen" TV series, was recently welcomed by Entrepreneur. During the interview, he shared his passion for entrepreneurship and his goal of creating an audience that would appreciate like-minded films. He emphasized the importance of engaging the audience and creating shareable, intentional content that defines the brand. Derral's vision was to translate his mission and purpose into the TV show, with the audience being the top priority. He believed that the viewers' engagement could become a social army that would promote the show and become an engine for its success.  Derral started his journey in the agency in 1999, where he helped businesses be found online. He had a passion for creating commercials from a young age, but his path led him to YouTube, where he learned about embedding videos onto websites. He then began creating commercial content for over 800 clients, utilizing YouTube for web design. He eventually shifted his focus to creating content on YouTube that people would talk about, resulting in over 91 billion views of content he made. Derral's mission is to help other entrepreneurs leverage the creator economy before losing the opportunity. He is hosting the Vid Summit in October, which is the business side of the creator economy for content creators who post anywhere online. It is a platform to help budding entrepreneurs with content as a part of their strategy and to help them leverage the opportunity. 

    Next Entrepreneur recently featured Seth Taylor, Chief Experience Officer at Angel Studios. Angel Studios was founded by the Harmond brothers, who created a content filtering service that allows users to remove inappropriate content from existing movies. However, they realized that producing new content and telling stories could be a more effective way to engage audiences. To raise funds, Angel Studios employs a "pay it forward" approach, wherein people can purchase tickets for others to watch their programs and movies. The Chosen was originally behind a paywall, but its popularity made it available to a larger audience through monetary donations that allowed others to stream it. Angel Studios collaborates with its audience through its crowd-sourced program, The Gild, which asks two questions: Does the story amplify light, and how disappointed would you be if this film was not made? Feedback and comments from the audience are used to create new content. Angel Studios is a platform that promotes stories of light and also offers collectibles to those who have crowd-funded. These collectibles provide digital ownership of a particular frame from a favorite scene, allowing users to share why they chose that scene and what it means. As Chief Experience Officer, Seth Taylor helps the product team to market their app and reach a wider audience.

    • [00:00:00] Crowd Funded
    • [00:05:37] YouTube
    • [00:12:29] The Chosen
    • [00:19:18] Pay It Forward
    • [00:28:03] The Gild
    • [00:36:07] Digital Collectible
    26 August 2023, 4:00 pm
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    2023 Consumer Summit III

    Alan continues his journey by interviewing entrepreneurs at the 2023 Consumer Summit.  First up is Chip Hopper, creator of Bookjedi.com.  A self-made editor.  He left his corporate job to do what he loves, read. From inception to writing, editing, and promoting the book.   Next is Troy Beckstead, Founder of AI13, a product line that caters to the automotive and offroad industries.  Troy did a total pivot during the pandemic and started his new company with just 13 products, hence the name.  Long-time friend Randy Garn is up next as he gives us three rules he lives by.  The Golden Rule is to treat others how you want to be treated. The Platinum Rule treats others the way they want, and the Gospel Rule treats others the way God would treat them.  These are great rules to live by.  Onto something sweet and yummy. Crumbl. CEO and Co-Founder James McGowan started by mastering the ultimate chocolate chip cookie.  And now, 800 stores later across the country, his franchise has done anything but crumble.  So, let's get ready to Crumbl!  All for one and one Fore All! Jen Clyde is here to introduce women's golf apparel.  Fore All was created to cater to modern-day women and to get them interested in the sport of Golf.  With 30 stores across the country, they have created a high-end line, with a jacket called the "Green," which allows you access to a chat forum that links everyday women to talk about life and golf.  Closing today's segment with Alan is Khaazra Maaranu, with ecopayments.io, saying he is here to help entrepreneurs to build and protect their cash flow.   An electronic commerce that handles payment processing, banking, and people development.  


    • [00:00:00] Bookjedi.com
    • [00:05:37] AI13
    • [00:12:29] Randygarn.com
    • [00:19:18] Crumbl
    • [00:28:03] Fore All
    • [00:36:07] ecompayments.io
    10 June 2023, 4:00 pm
  • 41 minutes 38 seconds
    2023 Consumer Summit Part II

    Alan continues to interview successful entrepreneurs and inquires as to what they are all about.  First up is Andrew Smith - Managing Director of Savory Fund - Savory Group partners with restaurateurs to help them expand and improve their brand. They don't give the founders money, they invest financially and physically by bringing in teams to help back and operate the assets that they acquire.  So far they have nine brands in their portfolio and are gearing up for eight more.  You can check them out at savory.mercatopartners.com.

    Next is Joana McKenna - Chief Executive Officer of Jane.com.  What is Jane.com, well it is a marketplace where 3rd party sellers and brands can sell their goods from, apparel to home goods and consumable beauty products.  They are a "curated" marketplace, a one-stop shop for all your "Jane" needs.

    Tiffany Peterson, Business and Life Coach with tiffanyspeaks.com is next as she and Alan talk about connecting with people intentionally.  Cultivating relationships.  Showing up intentionally to let that person know they aren't being taken for granted.  That person is an employee, friend, and or even a lover.  How people feel in your presence matters.  For Tiffany, it's a feeling of a higher power, as she speaks of a spiritual sense.  

    Closing the show with Alan is Tyler Babb - Founder of lablpx.com.  Lablpx is a tech company that supports e-commerce merchants.  Their main focus is to help retailers improve their brand and purchasing experience.  Jane.com helped with the push and success of his business and say's the ecosystem here at the summit is just incredible and exciting.  To learn more visit Tyler at www.laplpx.com.



    • [00:00:00] Savory!
    • [00:06:15] Rolling Recession
    • [00:12:29] Jane.com
    • [00:19:19] Tiffanyspeaks.com
    • [00:27:10] Life Coach
    • [00:33:53] lablpx.com
    3 June 2023, 4:00 pm
  • 41 minutes 54 seconds
    Consumer Summit 2023

    Alan is in Salt Lake City, Utah, attending the 2023 Consumer Summit Conference.  Thanks to Cydnie Tetro, CEO of Brandless, she has lined Alan up with a few entrepreneurs whom she feels have great stories and products.  If you haven't listened to the previous episode, Cydnie Tetro and her team created a platform that allows other brands to showcase healthier products for people's bodies, both in and out and at home.  "A consumer ecosystem", says Cydnie.  Let's grow together!

    Next up is Trina Celeste - Co-Founder of Tech-Moms.org. A non-profit that is helping women transition into the technology industry.  Target group: moms.  The primary focus is to give them access to get into the tech world.  A two-month program to help transition them into a position that will allow them to utilize what they have learned.  To be the next web designer, or coder.  There is so much opportunity out there.  

    Next is Vanessa Quigley - co-founder of Chatbooks. It's to help mothers get the pics of their phones into the hands of their families.  Take the photos and captions that are on your social media, and turn them into a book.  Every month open you would open the app, and it will serve up all the photos taken, you can choose 30 pics, and it turns it into a book…a real book, a screen-free experience to share with your kids and loved ones for just ten dollars.

    Jeremy Andrus - President & CEO of Traeger Grills is up next as he explains the art of the Traeger.  It's a smart bbq that cooks to perfection, every time. You can taste the difference.  Joe Traeger, founded this in 1987 as he wanted a better way to cook food.  An innovation that never found its way to consumers.  However, Jeremy took innovation and technology to bring people together to make a flavorful world. Bon Appetit!

    Lastly, - Madelyne Van Hoff - CEO and Founder of Sharehouse explains that what they are is an e-commerce community, that brings in brands and aligns them with really good resources.  ShareHouse is a venture-backed, female-founded, and run business built to support the e-commerce ecosystem.


    • [00:00:00] Brandless
    • [00:07:02] Tech-Moms.org
    • [00:12:29] ChatBooks
    • [00:20:21] Traeger Grills
    • [00:28:30] Perfect every time
    • [00:36:09] Sharehouse
    27 May 2023, 4:00 pm
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