Shekinah Church

Shekinah Church

Shekinah is here to equip believers to transform their world through a radical encounter with Christ. Our mandate is to facilitate an atmosphere of love, power and grace that allows for a transformative experience with the Glory of Jesus. We believe that as this happens, we become a "Disciple of Revival”, fully ready to experience and share the reality of Christ in everyday life.

  • 1 hour 5 minutes
    The Essence of Breakthrough
  • 16 minutes 28 seconds
    Emanate- The Seer Realm with Ana Werner Part 2

    In this next part of “The Seer Realm” with Ana Werner, Benjamin Deitrick continues to dialogue with Ana about what a person with a “Seer” gift is to do when met with rejection, misunderstanding and feeling out of place. They talk about how to connect with the right persons who can help you while not disconnecting from the local Body of Christ or moving in a spirit of rebellion. Then join them as they delve into how the Seer Realm is based in the Word of God and is relevant for every believer.

  • 15 minutes 22 seconds
    Emanate: The Seer Realm with Ana Werner - Part 1

    Join Benjamin Deitrick as he discusses the "Seer Realm" with Ana Werner. What is the Seer Realm? Why is it relevant to the Christian life? Where is it in the Bible? Why does God show us things? How do I process what I see? What are some pitfalls to be aware of? Ana answers all of these and more questions as she shares from the scriptures and her own personal life.

  • 1 hour 1 minute
    Lord, Have Mercy On Me
  • 1 hour 5 minutes
    The Future Belongs to the Righteous Pt. II
  • 17 minutes 9 seconds
    The WORD of GOD is Supreme

    The Word of God is the MOST prophetic thing you can read, hear and declare. Find out why in this powerful dialogue with Benjamin Deitrick, Apostle Bernardine Daniels and Adam McKenley.

  • 1 hour 40 seconds
    Keys to Victory
  • 15 minutes 5 seconds
    EMANATE: Freedom From Being Double-Minded

    Sometimes when we long for change it feels impossible. Despair, doubt, hopelessness try to sit on us and weigh us down. But change is possible when we are clear in our mind. One of the plans and strategies of the enemy is to cause us to fall into the pit of being double-minded. God desires us to be whole, complete, lacking nothing in him and being double-minded fractures us in more than one way. But there is hope to be free; free from this plot of the enemy to keep us in cycles of fear and doubt. You can break the power of double-mindedness and move into a whole new place of liberty.

    7 January 2022, 10:00 am
  • 39 minutes 24 seconds
    Emanate: Criticism doesn't have to cripple

    This is a teaching for anyone who wants to learn to rise above one of life's inevitable experiences; criticism. When Christians speak the truth in love, from a place of true concern and care for someone else, tremendous growth can come into someone's life. When criticism comes out of the place of annoyance, frustration, jealousy or just plain spite, it's a knife that cuts deep. Delve into this issue of criticism and how to respond to it with Benjamin Deitrick as he lays out a blueprint for how to respond... and grow no matter what comes your way. Criticism doesn't have to be crippling! Listen in and be encouraged!

    27 December 2021, 10:00 am
  • 15 minutes 55 seconds
    Emanate: Praising God... when you feel like you can't

    Listen in as Benjamin and Tarrah Deitrick share in a very vulnerable way how God taught them to give thanks in very hard circumstances. Be encouraged and inspired that you can Give thanks and praise God no matter WHAT is going on in your life!

    10 December 2021, 10:00 am
  • 55 minutes 58 seconds
    EMANATE: The Truth About Abortion

    Abortion is not primarily a social issue, although it has social implications; it is a moral and spiritual issue. Today, 12-3-21, the Supreme Court of the United States casts their vote after hearing the Dobbs vs. Jackson women's health case. This is a monumental case to the pro-life movement and has generational implications. In this message, Benjamin Deitrick lays out the reality of what Abortion is, how it is fueled as well as the history of the planned parenthood organization and its eugenic roots. He also explains how the occult operates and how this ties into abortion as a demonic practice. There are many shocking truths that are exposed as well as a path of hope presented only through and in the BLOOD of JESUS. Learn the truth and PRAY for justice to come forth for the innocent in the USA and beyond.

    3 December 2021, 10:00 am
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