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Dr. Brad Reedy

Evoke Therapy Programs is an outdoor based therapeutic program serving adolescents, young adults, and families. Email the host [email protected]

  • 50 minutes 54 seconds
    Ego and Soul - Ep 607
    Dr. Reedy discusses ego and soul and explains how these two ideas represent two primary driving energies. Ego, he explains, is the part of us than manages and represents the conscious mind. Defenses, the need to be right, and gatekeeping the unconscious material are its primary roles or duties. Ego is fear based and operates withing a scarcity mindset. Soul is the whole, authentic, or real self- it is our whole self. It is our wisest knowing, and it is fueled by love – love for self and others.
    29 May 2024, 9:30 pm
  • 1 hour 10 minutes
    The Do’s and Don’ts of Co-Parenting - Ep 606
    Dr. Reedy discusses the challenges of co-parenting. He explains how to avoid making things worse. He emphasizes that we “stay on our side of the street” and not become overly focused on the other’s shortcomings.
    22 May 2024, 6:11 pm
  • 56 minutes 40 seconds
    Parenting Through an Attachment Lens - Ep 605
    Dr. Reedy discusses attachment, what it takes to provide a secure attachment, and what to consider to prioritize a secure attachment over behavior or symptom management.
    15 May 2024, 5:01 pm
  • 59 minutes 22 seconds
    Love and Fear - Ep 604
    Dr. Reedy explains how love and fear are driving forces in our unconscious, motivating much of our behavior. He explains that we need to learn to distinguish between love and fear and understand when we are taking from others and when and how we can show our love to our children and partners.
    1 May 2024, 5:12 pm
  • 53 minutes 52 seconds
    Evoke Therapy Intensives for Couples, Parents, and Families - Ep 603
    Dr. Reedy discusses Evoke’s custom private intensives for couples and families. He explains what make Evoke’s Intensive work different and how we aim to be the experts, not on your life, but on creating a process where you can discover your truth.
    25 April 2024, 2:28 am
  • 1 hour
    Evoke Intensives: What Sets Us Apart - Ep 602
    Dr. Reedy discusses what sets Evoke Therapy Intensives apart from other programs. He explains the clinical model and explains how Evoke uses attachment and the concepts of transference and counter transference.
    17 April 2024, 4:11 am
  • 39 minutes 6 seconds
    When Apologizing Doesn’t Work (Q&A) - Ep 601
    Dr. Reedy takes questions from the audience on what to do if doing your own work and apologizing to your children doesn’t make a difference.
    10 April 2024, 11:22 pm
  • 53 minutes 35 seconds
    Blocked Care: Regaining Compassion for Your Child - Ep 600
    From an article by Melissa Corkum and Lisa Qualls, Dr. Reedy discusses what happens when the chronic stress from children struggling with mental health issues bring parents to a point of numbness, disconnection, and shame. He talks about the isolation and shame that comes when a parent loses their ability to feel warmth and love for a struggling child. Dr. Reedy talks about this dynamic in the context of attachment, parental guilt, and self-care. Full article here: https://thearchibaldproject.com/blocked-care-how-to-regain- compassion-for-yourself-and-your-child
    5 April 2024, 4:04 pm
  • 41 minutes 39 seconds
    Is Taking Care of Yourself Selfish? (Q&A) - Ep 599
    Dr. Reedy talks takes live questions from the audience and talks about self-care in the context of the child parent dynamic. He talks about looking for a therapist that is patient, kind, and secure. He explains attachment-based therapy and the upcoming Master Class and how the medicine in therapy is the way the therapist is with the client.
    3 April 2024, 12:53 am
  • 1 hour 4 minutes
    Communication Theory and Skills - Ep 598
    Dr. Reedy talks about communication skills and how “why” we share is more important than the words we use.
    29 March 2024, 1:20 am
  • 40 minutes 26 seconds
    Helping Children Move Through Feelings (Q&A) - Ep 597
    Dr. Reedy take live questions from the audience. He discusses how to deal with an angry, resentful child. He also talks about what can happen when one spouse doesn’t want to do their therapy work.
    27 March 2024, 4:00 pm
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