Sports Mastery
DeShawn Fontleroy
This is a place where we observe, examine, experiment, and explain the physical, mental, and social dynamics of the worlds best athletes and coaches. We examine their strengths, weaknesses, character, and personality traits; to explain what works and what doesn't according to our situation and circumstance in space and time. "As a Sports Performance Consultant, I've worked with hundreds of athletes. Their most common hopes and dreams are a D-1 scholarship, going pro, or making it to the Olympics. However, they're often held back by pains and fear that include self-doubt, peer pressure, fake friends, making mistakes in games or practice, and criticism from parents and coaches." These personal constraints lead to barriers and uncertainties: such as no confidence, laziness, and depression. The Science of Sports Mastery has been formulated to help the motivated and struggling athlete to accomplish their hopes and dreams. The reading and assignments teach the athlete how to define, recogniz
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