Excuse Me: What's that you are listening to?
Excuse Me: What's That You're Listening To?
You ever hear something good in the streets and want to ask, "Excuse me, whats that you are listening to?" but were afraid to? Well we are hear to answer that question and talk about so much more. So join Jose Ramos, Sandra Beebe, and guests for the new Excuse me: Whats that you are listening to? To listening to Jose's radio program with songs talked about in the newest podcasts as well as your suggestion, please tune in to Dar Radio at 9 p.m. daily. Sit Back and enjoy. If you would like to submit any suggestions and songs feel free to e-mail us at: excusemejose@gmail.com, excusemesandy@gmail.com, or at yosefdarevents@gmail.com
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