RestauRant is three guys having a rant about dining out in the UK. Andy Lynes and Patrick McGuigan are both freelance food writers and restaurant reviewers (working for The Times, The FT, and The Telegraph). Euan MacDonald is food presenter and restaurant enthusiast with a little less to lose by saying what he thinks, acting as the anchor for the discussions. In each episode the team talk about the most foodie things they have done since last meeting; the best and worst things they have put in their mouths, and talk about a hot topic in the restaurant world. Restaurants are discussed, recommended, lamented, and their details and top tips shared. Reviews of some of the restaurants also appear from the team and guest presenters like Rosie Birkett and Dawn Davies. RestaurRant is a good companion for anyone interested in what’s hot and not in the UK, or anyone who likes to hear three middle-aged men try and take the mickey out of each other.
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