Revealing® Criminology
Thinking Strings, LLC
The narrated text of Revealing® Criminology, by Maureen Outlaw, Ph.D. Revealing® Criminology includes twelve modules (corresponding to textbook chapters) that cover the basics of modern Criminology. The first three modules discuss the definition and popular understanding (social construction) of crime, the measurement of crime, and key trends and patterns in crime in the United States. The fourth through seventh modules critique the major criminological theories, from the classical school and trait theories to social structure and social process theories and critical criminology. Each of the next four modules covers a major type of crime: violent crime, property crime, public order and organized crime, and white-collar and corporate crime. The final module examines the harm caused by different kinds of crime, as well as how society responds to crime. The text is written to make the material accessible without oversimplifying. Most sections of each module also include a “Make it Real” s
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