Profitable Practice Podcast
Andrea Maxim, ND
Andrea Maxim, your host on the Profitable Practice Podcast, shares all her insight, know-how and what she's learned on how to start and run a successful health-based practice. Whether you're just starting out, been in practice for a few years or several, you can always learn something new to grow your business. Andrea is known by her colleagues as a go-getter, an innovator, a hustler and someone who gets things done, and done right! That is not to say that things she learned did not come with a price. Andrea is not afraid to cut through the crap, tell it like it is and admit to her failures. Her ultimate goal is to help you MAXIMize Your Business by giving you all of her business secrets and interviewing the best people in the biz. Ultimately she is going to help you grow your bottom line without sacrificing your time. Whether in-office or online, Andrea has got you and your business covered!
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